Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas tree cutie!!!

Zoey looked too cute in her Christmas tree tee ... I just had to get some pics of her! What better place than in front of our Christmas tree - though you can hardly tell in most of the pics! Also, for those of you keeping up with AngelPoodle Designs - there is a sneak peek in her hair!

Monday, November 29, 2010

I wanna remember ...

shopping at Walmart with all four kids. treating them to happy meals, even though we shouldn't - for so many reasons. Zoey enjoying her voice! and, especially, Jericho marching around the store with a singing/moving Christmas hat (it sang you make me wanna shout though) - marching to the beat, singing along, and literally dancing down the aisles ... much to many a folks' amusement!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jericho-ism ...

I totally forgot to write this down last night! When I was putting the boys to bed, saying prayers, it went a little something like this with Jericho:

(I usually say a line, and they repeat it)
me: dear Jesus
J: dear Jesus
me: please give me a good night sleep
J: give me a good night sleep
me: give me happy dreams
J: give me happy dreams
me: keep me safe and warm
J: keep me safe and warm
me: we love You, Jesus
J: we love You, Jesus
me: in Your Name, amen
J: in Your Name, amen ... Jericho Job

I giggled, as it reminded me of Anne of Green Gables - as though he was ending a letter! Then he looked at me, with a huge grin, and said "you said in your name, my name - Jericho Job" ... oh, that boy cracks me up!!!

I can't believe it ...

We have just had some potty training success!!! Liam told daddy that he had to poop - I made him rush him to the toilet right away. Daddy sat him on the big toilet and when he returned there was pee ... all over the floor! Ha ha ha!!! I guess he told daddy "it came out"! So, we need to work on his aim - but this is only the second time (since being a newborn, lol) that Liam has peed anywhere besides his diaper (the other time was after a bath, on the floor). So, I count this a success.

Maybe all the talking and the funny song our friends shared on facebook are sinking in???

Saturday, November 27, 2010

thankful ...

27~ I'm thankful for good lessons

I had a hard time figuring out how to title this thankfulness post - I didn't want it to sound wrong. Today I took the kids Christmas shopping. Since they're getting a regular allowance now, I told them that instead of going shopping for themselves - that we should go do Christmas shopping with this weeks allowance. In order to accomplish this, we hit up the 99¢ Store! I'm not gonna lie ... they weren't thrilled at first ... but once we got shopping they enjoyed picking out something special for each of our family members in Albuquerque (the remaining family members will have to be another week). I even had them get their own wrapping paper and just now I sat with them and supervised the wrapping! It was a fun "finish" to a good evening (we drove around in search of decorated up houses, found several too)!

Friday, November 26, 2010

thankful ...

25~ I'm thankful for good deals

Even if it did mean standing in lines for HOURS! I went out black friday shopping with my mom and two friends and we had a blast! We left at 11pm last night and didn't get home until nearly 2pm today - whew! I was definitely beat. My feet are sore. My back is sore. My legs are sore. I've had two two-hour naps since 7:30am yesterday morning ... I was exhausted when I got home this afternoon (which is when I took one of those naps). We got lots of good deals. My friends got their laptops, which was a big deal. I got the one thing my hubby asked for, a game, and stood in line for three hours to pay for it - ugh. We did Walmart, ran through Carls Jr., Target, friends had to go back to Walmart for their laptops (it was quite a process), Starbucks, Kohls, and the BX. What a time we had. Lots of fun and laughter. Lots of money spent. Lots of money saved. I've never done the all-nighter thing, it was quite the experience - I'm so glad I went!!!

26~ I'm thankful for bedtime

In particular right now I'm thinking of my conversation with Liam as I put the boys to bed (yes, they went to bed an hour early - it just needed to happen). I was telling him that Nana and Granddaddy are leaving in the morning and he says to me "but I love peoples in my house". It was the sweetest thing, and he said it all sad and pathetic. We have this whole bedtime routine that I just love. I (usually) read them a story, then Liam and I tell a story (it's adorable, all about Ramone getting hurt and getting a band-aid and being all better! Sometimes Lightning is there too, and tonight he added Doc!) just the two of us on his bed, then I pray with him and give hugs and kisses, then I do AWANA verses with Jericho, we pray, hugs and kisses, and finally I tell them both goodnight and close the door. I started putting the boys to bed a few weeks ago (daddy and I alternated before, randomly, but it was more of a "get in bed, goodnight" thing) with this routine and I love it so much ... I'm actually sad now if I don't get to be the one to tuck them in!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

gobble gobble ...

Hope everyone has a super duper day! With lots of yummy food and lots of family and friends!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

thankful ...

23~ I'm thankful for God

Definitely the number one "thing" to be thankful for in my life. A God who loves even though I am so imperfect. A God who forgives me if I just ask. A God who deserves every bit of praise I can give. Without God, where would I be? I can tell you, it wouldn't be good. Sometimes it's hard to remember to give God the glory He deserves, but when I'm in the frame of mind to remember every little thing I always feel so much better. Thank You God for loving me. Thank You for sending Jesus. Thank You for always being there, even when I slip up or when I forget that You're there.

24~ I'm thankful to have enough

So, it may sound a little sarcastic - but I don't mean it that way. Right now we're dealing with some things that affect our finances, it's very scary. I'm having to remember to just trust in God that everything will work out and that we'll be ok! It also occurred to me, though, I need to be thankful that we have "enough". We can survive. That's a lot more than so many other people, so I do not want to take it for granted. We're all healthy, we have a beautiful home to live in, we have food to eat ... so, maybe my black friday shopping will consist more of watching others spend their money (that's the best way to shop anyhow - lol) and me not buying much, but I can also be thankful to have my mom and friends to have a fun day with!

Monday, November 22, 2010

thankful ...

no, I haven't stopped being thankful ... I'm just a bit behind! I'll try to leave the explanations short, since I have a few to do to catch up!

19~ I'm thankful for NO SCHOOL!

No waking up and trying to get everyone dressed, finding shoes,
packing lunches, organizing backpacks, getting out the door,
need I say more???

20~ I'm thankful for pets

You read that right! Despite the fact that in the two days since
adding a pet to the home, I've already wondered a million
time what I was thinking ... pets are cute little things and I can
already see the love that's developing for our new furry friend!

21~ I'm thankful for talented people

case in point: Annicka's cake - no need to go on!

22~ I'm thankful for the generosity of others

My mom brought her serger with her and gave it to me, how awesome
is that?! Of course, I'm still dying to have that sewing machine that
embroiders - but at least I have a serger now, and that's so cool!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

birthday recap

here's the pics from this morning! I actually didn't take any pics of dinner or eating cake (I do have some from singing and blowing out candles - but they're still in the camera and I'm so tired! I even included pics of the clues daddy came up with - gotta love his sense of humor and rhyming words!

here's her apron from Nana B - she made it!!!

her stack from Nana & Granddaddy

and, even though we said if she got the hamster that was IT!
I did have one more small surprise for her!
(and it's seriously killing me that - after debating whether
to buy this or not the day I was in SB, at a bookstore, for $12 -
I'm seeing it for $9 and today at Costco for $7 - ugh!)

the very special cake ...

A couple months ago I had the privilege of meeting a new friend! New friends are always great - it's nice to know a few people. I have had lots of periods of time where I knew no one, so it's definitely nice to be in a place where I'm meeting many people ... anyway, this new friend has a very special talent - she makes cakes.

Let me re-phrase: she makes awesome cakes!

Let me re-phrase again: she is awesome!

So, I decided that for the second time in the history of birthdays, I would not make Annicka's birthday cake. (the only other time I've purchased a birthday cake - for anyone here - was for Annicka's first birthday!) It's sort of funny that Annicka was a little skeptical and even at first seeing her beautiful cake, she seemed resistant to like it. I'm not sure if she thought she'd hurt my feelings or if she's just that sentimental ... but she perked up and LOVED her ocean theme cake! It beats a pillsbury mix cake - in the pan, no less (as I generally leave it in there) - by a long shot. A very, very, very looooonngggg shot!!! I'll definitely be sticking to buying cakes for all the kids next year, I'm already excited thinking of what to do for my sweet baby's first birthday!!!

I have to say, too, that the cake didn't just look good ... it tasted amazing! Annicka chose "cookies & cream" (I may have encouraged that choice, just a tad) and we all loved it. Yum-OH!

So, without further ado ... here is that magnificent cake:

Happy Tenth Birthday, my sweet angel ...

So, the big day finally arrived! It began with a scavenger hunt (daddy did that with the gifts from Albuquerque family) and opening presents. Next was a lazy morning and some McD's and Starbucks for breakfast. Then was some crafts and more lazies. Then we went out to get Ohna a new water bottle (the other one was leaking) and to Target so Annicka could spent her birthday money! Back home was a wonderful steak dinner (thanks Nana & Granddaddy - you're great cookers) and finally we sang "happy birthday" and got to cut into the cake! (pics of all that to come)

Now, these aren't the "official" ten year old pics, but me being me (and that tiny part of me that is a bit type-A) I had to get a few on the actual day! To the back yard it was. As usual, my lighting was all wrong. I succeeded in getting some great personality shots though ... she's not crazy about getting pics taken, so she was being both stubborn and silly!

Happy birthday my "little" Annicka angel - you are so precious to me. You made me a mama and that's so special. Don't ever forget just how much I love you - and how many other people love you as well!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

last day to be a single digit ...

I've been saying it for a while, but now it's really happening - and I still feel like it's absolutely crazy ... tomorrow I will have a ten year old! CRAZY.

So, tonight we went out for Annicka's birthday gift ... yes, a day early! Somehow I lost my sanity a while back and told Annicka she could get a hamster when it was her birthday - as her gift. She was quick to take me up on the offer and certainly did not forget - darn. I even tried to bribe her into something else ... toys? ipod? cold hard cash? nope - she wanted a hamster.

Technically she has had pets before ... back when she was the only kid in the house. More by default any pets we had back then were "hers" ... but this time it's different, this time it really is her pet! She got to pick it out, pick out it's stuff, pick out it's name - everything!

We debated for a while on whether we should stick to a hamster or maybe go for a guinea pig. There were pros and cons to each, but the fact that the guinea pig would have to be let out each day (for exercise) and that many people told me how much they stink, I decided to stick with a hamster (or some such small critter).

When we arrived at Petsmart there was an abundance of "dwarf" hamsters, but she insisted that she did not want that type. I have no idea why, but she was pretty adamant "not a dwarf one"! Finally we spotted a couple "regular" hamsters and in no time she had hers all picked out! By the time we left the store we had a cart full of necessary items and little miss hamster had a name!

I hope tomorrow is a great birthday for Annicka. Ten is a big deal, but because she had a party last year - we're not doing one this year. I've ordered her a special cake, she has her extra special gift, Nana & Granddaddy are here, and she has more gifts from both them and all the fam in Albuquerque ... so she's still set for a day all about her! I can't believe my baby is nearly ten. Wow.

Introducing ... Ohna!

(that's pronounced much like Annicka's name: o-nuh)

ready to go

there they are ...

that's the one!
(after this pic I was actually told I couldn't take pics of the animals - wow ...
she was super nice about it and ended up being the one to help us out!)

a home and all the fixins ... a cart full!

ready to go home
(after a quick stop at Home Depot and Del Taco)

mama got her house all ready for her
(should I call myself Nana? lol ... to clarify, I did all the work!)

Annicka was also insistent she be the one to put her in her house
(she got some exercise in her ball while I got everything ready)

exploring her new place

nibbling and digging in her food

we've already had a fun time observing her and how cute it is when she eats! she's a climber too ... and really cracked me up when she was hanging on the bars and trying to chew them!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

guess who's scooting?

I know right, who else - Zoey! She is totally getting around to things she sees and wants ... I just witnessed her scale a span of about three feet to get to a plastic hanger (don't ask, it's been a typical afternoon and my house is trashed ... and I am NOT happy). Go Zoey!

thankful ...

18~ I'm thankful for my parents

I may not have willingly admitted this, say, sixteen years ago ... but I'm definitely thankful for my parents! I'm well aware that not every mom/dad would drive fourteen hours (fairly often) to visit their grown up kid ... nor would they all come and stay for months to take care of their grandchildren! yep, I'm pretty blessed in the parental department!

I'm very excited to see my parents, they're on the road right now - coming to celebrate Annicka's birthday and Thanksgiving with us! Yay! and, even though they're on the road right now - here's some pics for all the friends and family to enjoy!

Jericho lost another tooth on saturday! It was funny, he was being
whiny and daddy had taken Jericho's shirt hood and was being
silly putting it over his (Jericho's) face - when all of sudden,
in a suddenly non-whiny voice, Jericho goes: "my tooth" ...
and there it was, in his hand - lol!