Friday, November 23, 2012

a costume and a dance (October)

 so, it finally happened ... 
I decided to make a costume!
I knew Zoey had to be Snow White this year ...
she is, after all, the fairest in the land - so it was only fitting!
the problem was, I couldn't find a decent Snow White costume in her size -
I wanted the classic colors, but something semi-warm and different!
I might note, I'm glad of my choice - I saw a lot of Snow Whites and it was 
nice that Zoey was unique, but -hopefully- still recognizable!
anyway, I ended up whipping out this costume on the day of the school's fall dance ...
I worked like mad and finished it just in the knick of time!
it was definitely not perfect, but I felt like it turned out pretty cute!
and she looked like a true princess!

 I had all four of my kids at the fall dance - but the two oldest were not having
the picture thing ... like, at all.  hence, the pics of Zoey and then just these couple of Liam -
enjoying his pizza and enjoying a fun "get the apple" game!

none of my kids would dance with me (and Liam and Annicka were plugging their ears and
truly not enjoying the loud music) so I took Zoey out of her stroller and she danced with
me, but it was all a little overwhelming for her - so it was short lived ... and really she
just wanted to run off and be independent!  of course!!

we had a really fun time though, the three oldest kids all got their name called for a prize
(drawing) and that was pretty neat!  another fun evening together, love it!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

a semi-typical afternoon ... (October)

Jericho begging to do some glass cleaning, sure!
I think he really just likes having control of the spray - but hey, the door did look better after his work!
Jericho actually suggesting that Liam help - wow!
our "thriller" singing pumpkin!
dancing, dancing, and more dancing!!!
little Zozo, with her bun, doing some chair climbing - one of her faves!
the spider/web tee I made Jericho!
a witch hat we picked up - amongst a bunch of "stuff" - at our recent dinner at the chow hall!
Zoey shakin her booty!
and one of the sweetest things I've captured to date!!!
(though Zoey does this constantly, patting us)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a sweet face ... (October)

to brighten your day! 

I know you've been waiting patiently for mommy to update the blog!  I know you miss seeing photos of me and my brothers and sister!  mommy told me to let you know that she's doing her best and will try to get more photos edited and posted soon!  we love you daddy, we miss you ~Zoey

Saturday, November 3, 2012

halloween outfit - Zoey (October)

 not to be mistaken with costume, this was Zoey's little halloween "outfit" that I made for her!
she wore it to an Oktoberfest party we went to (as well as a couple other times)
and so I snapped some pics - I thought she looked so cute!!!
oh yah - and the shirt glows - too cool!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

pretty skies (October)

it just so happened, a couple weeks back, that we had a day in which I snapped
shots of our pretty skies in both the morning and evening!
sky pics are a fave - even if there's houses and cars in them!