Saturday, April 30, 2011

the amazing adventures of Moon Bear ...

day four

today was another rather uneventful day ... Jericho forgets me a lot, but at least he tells me all about it when he comes home! He had a t-ball game today and he said it was fun. He went to a yard sale and got a new remote control car, he showed it to me - it's neat. He played outside a lot today, but I had to stay in so I wouldn't get all dirty! I helped his mom make lunch and dinner - that was fun ... and I helped her vacuum and do dishes too - she says I'm a great helper! it was a relaxing saturday and I quite enjoyed it!

the amazing adventures of Moon Bear ...

days two & three

Well, I've been with Jericho three days now - but I feel like I've barely seen him. He's been in school and his mom has been either out or really busy with house work ... I don't know if I've ever seen the other moms have so many clothes to wash and fold, she must have been really behind on laundry! Anyway, with Jericho gone, his mom busy, and Zoey and Liam not taking much interest in me ... I've had to find my own things to do:

located some sustenance - YUM!

none of the other moms let me go on the internet,
I quite like it though!!!

did a little more exploring in the boys' room -
I fancy they're piggy banks!

just a quick look - I gotta watch my figure, after all!

I thoroughly enjoy a little artistic expression!

met another pal ... I sure am glad that Liam and
Jericho's toys are so friendly!

it is nice to just have a little time to relax too!

in an effort to see if I can join along for more of the outings -
this family seems to have a lot of places to go some days -
Jericho's mom found me this back pack of Liam's to have!
she even gave me a few playthings for the trips and my
future journeys - cool!!!

tonight I found Liam sound asleep and
decided to give him a quick goodnight cuddle!

then I got to play Lego Batman with Jericho -
it's his most favorite game and likes to
play every single day!!!

I've heard lots of the kids sing this "baby" song,
so I decided to look it up and hear the original version!
I think I've got Bieber fever!!!... and I've made a self discovery:
I LOVE to dance!!!

so, that's about all I really have to say! it's been a couple days of me mostly keeping myself entertained, but the weekend promises to be exciting ... at least I hope for that! and now that I've had my late night dance, I suppose I should sneak back into my room and cuddle up with Jericho for a good night's sleep - it's really late!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the amazing adventures of Moon Bear ...

so, here's a little back ground: I guess there's an adventure seeking teddy bear in Jericho's kindergarten class! each week he goes home with one of the children and then he writes about his adventures in his journal! I decided to make this a little extra fun! So, prepare yourselves, Moon Bear (as he's named) will be making a few posts of his own the next few days!

Day One

I knew right away that this family was going to be different! I went home with Jericho today - he's a prettycool guy and boy was he excited to have me! As soon as we got home his mom looked at me ... then she smelled me!!! and said something about ... germs??? But, she decided right away that she liked me, i guess, because after that I got to play all afternoon!

A lot of people are in this house: Jericho has a mom, a dad, a big sister - Annicka, a little brother - Liam, AND a little sister - zoey! All of us played after lunch, then I played on my own while Jericho went to the eye doctor. I was a little sad to miss an outing, but Jericho promised I could go to his t-ball practice!

Like I said earlier, I knew this family was different ... my first day here and THEY LOST ME! I totally missed out on that t-ball practice, but as soon as they got home they were looking for me. I was in the new "toy box", they got me out and Jericho shared his icee with me. Icee's are pretty good, but boy are they cold!

Jericho shared some of his dinner too - waffles with whip cream and strawberries, yum! We watched a bit of tv and then everything got crazy ... kids were everywhere, running around, being loud. When the dizzy feeling finally subsided, I realized there was no company over - it was just Jericho, Annicka, and Liam being (what their mom called) "wild & crazy"! And don't get me started on how my first bedtime at the house went - let me tell you, I was getting sleepy, but the boys seemed to be full of energy and had no interest in going to bed!

We finally made our way upstairs and got to see the boys' room - where I'll be sleeping during my stay. I soon met a great fella, "Guiney", who will be my roomie along with the boys and a few other little friends! The plan was for Annicka to read us all a story, but pretty soon I was reading to everyone - what a joy, I enjoy reading so much! I really like the neato nightlight the boys have. Jericho was sure I did my business before bed too, what a guy! Then it was lights out. The boys continued to chat and keep me from sleeping, but soon enough they drifted off to dreamland ... which meant I could do the same!

Not sure exactly sure what my first impression is over here, but I think I'll have a good stay and an enjoyable time ... I hope!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

what can I say?

this morning has turned to total crap. hmmph. but, don't worry, I'm not gonna let it get me down! here's the story...

last week I set up the picking up of the Honda with the towing company, I was told they'd be at the car shop between 10am and 12pm and that they'd call me a half hour before they'd be there. good, cool - that works.

so, today was the day. I didn't expect a call any time before 9:30am, so when I got home from taking the big kids to school I fed the little ones, ate some breakfast myself, spent a while on the computer (figuring out the discrepancy in my check book) and then got going on the dishes. I was nearly done with the dishes, when (at 10:28am) the phone rang:

me: hello

rude guy: yes, Sasha this is (rude guy) from (you suck towing) and I've got my guy down at the car shop, how long is gonna take you to get there?

me: no one told me to be there!

rude guy: we called. there was messages left at 7 and 7:30.

me: silent pause. oh, I was taking my kids to school.

rude guy: well not checking your messages and saying no one called is two different things. how long will it take you to get down there.

me: 20 minutes.

rude guy: 20 minutes. ok, you have 20 minutes and then he's leaving. CLICK.

WOW. I don't know if I've ever been part of such a rude conversation with a complete stranger. not to mention the more I thought about it, I was totally still home at both 7 and 7:30 this morning! so I called my hubby and asked him to check the answering machine. there was a rather vague message saying they wanted to confirm the pick up of the honda. no mention of a time for me to be there! and according to our magic jack call log, the call came in at 8am! I thought I was home at 8am too, but that's beside the point.

so, I rushed down there. ran into the shop and they found where the guy with the truck was. I had to drive around to there. got out and ... there is no title in this little pouch? what the heck. are you for real.

apparently my hubby thought he carried around the title in his car (which, duh, why didn't I think about that and check ahead of time - that would not be a smart choice) but, indeed, he did not. no title. no pick up.

the Honda is still sitting at the car shop. I do not have a check in my hand for it. and we're desperately searching for the title.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday ...

I totally considered back-dating this, but I really don't see the point! I have a ton of photos to edit (I rarely get a chance to be on the upstairs computer any more - and that's where I upload and edit photos) and I figure I won't get it done tonight ... sooo I'll leave you with this:

... between buying a new car and a crazy week in general, we never made it out (and when we had time, it was rainy or wet - AND Zoey had pneumonia) to do the "official" spring pics - and let's be honest, it may never happen! so, I was sure to make all the kids at least sit on the steps and let me snap some pics! I got a couple good ones (they'll be posted at some point) but I think this is the best of all four!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

ready to hit the town ...

lately I've been remembering just how "into" dressing my kids I used to be! It seems that with each child, I've become more and more lazy - and I really annoy myself with that! It especially has been bothering me that I so bad wanted another little girl to dress up and make hair bows for, and I find myself not making the time to make those bows for Zoey (yes, she has many - but I still find that we never have the right colors, etc.) and I have this tendency to just throw anything that's clean and readily available on her - gasp! Anyone who knew me the first six years of Annicka's life would probably be shocked to see my children on any given day, any more! it's just insane. I keep telling myself I'll do better. I'll take over Annicka's hair care (she's just not into it and it's usually a disaster). I'll style the boys hair each day. I'll dress Zoey "to the nine" like I used with Annicka ... but so far, it's just not happening!

to some degree, I believe it's a healthy change. I mean, what we wear isn't everything - right? anyway, I seem to have gone on a little rant over my laziness and lack of motivation ... however, this post was supposed to be about just how cute Zoey was looking a couple weekends back when we all went out as a family (the day Liam got his hair cut). of course, Zoey always looks cute - but I mean, she had an especially adorable outfit on and I snapped some pics right before we left and she was just killing me with her little sweet face and how she sat so nicely on the bottom step! so, of course, I have to share!

Friday, April 22, 2011

robots ...

daddy had a hand in this! I can't even tell you how this fad began in our house, but the kids seem to enjoy wearing aluminum foil! a couple weeks ago daddy made Jericho a mask and arm ... uh, somethings??? Jericho loved it and was striking poses for the camera ...

as you can see, I had a little fun editing those pics! and, of course, Liam couldn't be left out -
so daddy made him a little get up too! and he even took a couple pics at my request,
what a daddy he is! oh, and I couldn't help but notice that Liam was wearing the perfect
shirt that day, ha ha ha!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

bento lunches and an adorable baby!

so, has anyone else heard of bento lunches? well, i think they're awesome! I don't pack the kids school lunches currently, but I'm planning to go bento this summer and continue from there! I've already ordered a few "supplies", but before that I did a little experimenting with it and the kids really loved it ... and, yes, I had to take some pics!
the same day I found a cute little princess
being extra adorable ... this pic cracks me up!
she was getting her "baby massage" as
daddy puts it - she lays face down on his lap and
he rubs her back and she loves it -
of course, here, she's taking a peek at
mama with the camera!

and this one: LOVE.
I love how she's leaning.
I love her smile.
I love how daddy is smiling too!