Monday, February 24, 2014

checkups ...

 Annicka (seen here last month with her friend, Madison - you may remember my
 post two summers ago, when our neighbors moved from Vandenberg ... well, I guess they
have family in the area we currently live, so during their visit we got the girls together a couple times!  ... I thought that was pretty cool, it was a first for us!) has grown, but the doc said
her growth won't be too much from here on out - we'll see about that!
She is 5 feet & 4 inches!
too old for weight sharing!

 Jericho (seen here after his hair cut last week, being a stinker about smiling) has
grown a lot this past year!!!  last January he was 4feet 4inches and 64 pounds - I doubt
I ever recorded that here, so I'm doing it for all the younger kids!
today he was:
4 feet & 71/8 inches (81%)
75 pounds (82%)

 Liam (seen here last week after his hair cut - yay, I can see his eyes again!)
hasn't made quite the leap that Jericho has, but he has grown!  last February he was 3 feet
& 7 inches and 42 pounds!
today he was:
3 feet & 811/16 inches (36%)
46 pounds (53%)

 she was pretty full of energy last week at her check up!

 she had to do blood work AND get shots ... she cried, but got over it quickly and still
happily said "bye" and "sank ou" (that's thank you!) to the technicians!!!
this pic is the next morning - she wasn't feeling so hot!
in fact, she sat there on the couch -after having laid with me cuddling for a good
half hour- happily watching tv for a good hour and a half before she got down and played
a bit!!!  she was pretty low key all day!

last January she was 31 inches and 22.93 pounds
last friday she was:
36 inches (0% on typical chart, looks like 50% on DS chart)
(technically on record it's 36.22 but the thing was totally angled, so when she 
stepped out I re-measured and it looked more like 36!!)
30.86 pounds (14% on typical chart, about 50% on DS chart)

so, it's confirmed ... my kids are growing!!!  good grief our itty bit, Zoey, has shot up five inches
and managed to gain 8 pounds, that's amazing!  and Jericho had a huge growth as well!
these days I constantly use the hashtag #dontblink ... because I feel
like my kids are growing up way too fast!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Christmas eve 2013 ...

 once the kids had opened their ONE present (a Christmas Eve tradition),
saw that Buddy had brought one last surprise (the stockings & nightlight),
and sat cookies & soda out for Santa - they all headed for bed!
which meant time for Mama to do all the wrapping and present setting out -
while Daddy assembled a play kitchen!!!

 I take a Christmas eve pic - or two, or ten - every year!
I love how nostalgic it feels to have the lights on the tree glowing,
while all the gifts await the children!
so special!!

 I changed things up just a bit this year!  
each kid still had their own specific wrapping paper (for the "Santa" gifts), 
but I didn't put them in piles - I decided it might actually be more
fun to have them under the tree so there was a search!
I took an idea from a blog I LOVE and put a small piece of wrapping paper in each kid's stocking,
so since stockings are always first they find out which paper is theirs!!
so this year's Christmas Eve pics are a bit more "moderate" ...
and, granted - yes I do better each year at reigning myself in on the present purchases ...
but there are plenty of gifts for each child stuffed under that tree!
(including ones from the grandparents, aunt, uncle, & cousins)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Christmas art!!!

along with baking I tried to do a lot of "art" with the kids!
one of the days Buddy brought supplies to make these extra special pieces
of art - using the kids' hands & feet!  I really had fun with these:
(*these are on canvases - the "borders" were just for squaring purposes on instagram*)
Jericho & Liam's feet!

Zoey's foot!

each of the kids' thumb prints - this one is my absolute favorite!!

Annicka's hand!

Annicka's foot!
this one didn't make it to instagram, cause it looks so unfinished!  I'm hoping maybe we can
add some foot/hand animals or something next year??  or trees??  something!!

I think this was the only other "pic" that didn't make it to the blog already (of art)!
both Buddy and Nana gave the kids some fun little ornaments ... 
and Buddy sent paint pens with his, perfect for these projects!  then we hung them!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Christmas parties ...

Zoey, Liam, & Jericho all had school parties!!
I wasn't able to make it to Jericho's ... however, despite the fact that they
were on the same day - they were at different times, so I was able to go to both!
it was so cute and so fun!
here are some pics ...

apparently Zoey really liked the felt tree and would decorate it often!

they sang some songs for us ... well, the other kids sang - not Zoey - lol!

Zoey got to be the instrument helper - so adorable!!!

some cookie decorating!

and I (barely) managed to get a pic of Zoey with Ms Karen!

when we came into Liam's classroom, they were all lined up - ready to sing their songs!
it was beyond cute!  I did get some video before I ran out of space!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Christmas (food) goodies ...

again, catching up!
I actually ended up making quite a few yummy goodies in December - 
here are most of them, as shared on instagram!

this wasn't shared, but it's puppy chow!
this was part of the teacher's gifts!!!

"and then we got creative with the extra chocolate!!!  #goodies "
(again, these are in random order ... but on instagram this 
followed my post about the buckeyes!!)

"... made lots & lots of cookies!!!  #christmas #cookies "

"the boys didn't last - lol!  So I was trying to do these while cooking dinner!!  Haha!!  Oh well, they don't have to look too pretty - the kids still [love] them!!!  #christmas #fun #candy "

again, our chex mis wasn't on instagram!
this also went to teachers!!!

"finished the #buckeyes last night ..."

  "made ninja bread men with the kids!  I also did our family as gingerbread girls & boys!!!  #christmas #traditions #treasurethemoments #childhood #akidatchristmas #gingerbread #ginger readfamily #ninjabreadment #cookies "