Saturday, March 31, 2012

the lunch room - March

I know - pathetic!  but hey, it is what it is.  and it hasn't been much better lately ... between forgetting to shop for "lunch ingredients" or sleeping in or whatever, the kids end up eating those yucky school lunches more often than not!  at least I'm trying ... sometimes!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I guess I'm taking a break ...

given that it's been over a week since anything has posted, I felt the need to say hi to anyone who keeps up with the blog ... and I wanted to just write a little note to my babies -

dearest little sweethearts,
   no, mama has not stopped her mamarazzi ways!  I have oodles of photos of you to put on the blog!  we have our 9 day trip up north and lots of little everything goings on that need to make there way here.  so, why aren't they here (yet) ... well, the truth is that I've been spending all my internet time looking at all sorts of crafty things!  reading how-to's and tutorials ... learning about the silhouette cameo - and ordering one!!!  (it's my early mothers day gift, I am so spoiled - I can't wait till it gets here!)  so, pinterest has been getting a lot of my attention, as well as multiple blogs.  but, little ones, don't worry ... surely soon I will sit down on the "real" computer (ie - not the laptop) and finish up editing all these photos and then getting them over here for our scrapbook blog!

   in the meantime, I love you sweet punkins! 
                              ~ Mama

Monday, March 19, 2012

dancing queen ...

I've mentioned before how much Zoey loves to dance!
so one night (Feb. 2) I had to catch a few pics
of her and her dancing cuteness!  I'm not sure what
was up with that fishy face - but she did it 
for the longest time!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

these boots AREN'T made for walkin ...

 but they're still darn cute, aren't they?!
actually, I think they're just a bit big - so her feet weren't
staying in the "foot part" too well - but she kept
going ... I guess nothing's gonna stop her!

I just thought she looked cute getting ready and
ready for her appointment in SB with her g.i. doc -
so I took some pics!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

car seat switch-a-roo ...

 so, Liam's birthday brought about a big milestone - forward facing!
he was so close to the weight limit for rear-facing that I went
ahead and switched him back to his old carseat (that 
was a nightmare to install rear-facing) and turned him around!

that way, his carseat - that I love, LOVE! - would
be free for Zoey to have!  I ordered the new
cover for it (black & hot pink) but it's on back order,
so it will be a bit before we get it!  in the
meantime, I noticed (Feb. 24) that she was seriously
too big for her infant seat - so the next day
I pulled out "Liam's" old one and installed it for her and
we all headed out for a fun afternoon in SLO!

Friday, March 16, 2012

friday night entertainment!

 remember the post about our friday nights ... and how I don't
take pics?  well, these are from earlier that same friday!
Jill was working on dinner (we take turns providing dinner)
and I wanted to be in the kitchen so we could visit ...
so I put Zoey in her little chair at the counter!

she was great entertainment!  
being so cute I had to get the camera!


love it!

our adorable sweet-heart!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

February lunches ...

yes! we're finally back to making lunches!  having said that, though, I'm still keeping money in the kids accounts so that if/when we just "have" to do school lunch - we can!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

friday night fun with friends ...

I know I don't share too many pics from our friday nights with our
besties, but that's because I'm usually just enjoying our
time with them!  and I'm usually too busy chatting it up with Jill
to be bothered following the kids around to get photos!
but, a couple weeks back Diana and Liam were just too cute -
I had to snap a pic!  and, since I had the camera out,
I took one of the big boys too!

Diana and Liam- playing teacher or school, I guess it was nap time!


Jake and Jericho - very focused on a video game!

Monday, March 12, 2012

she's all over the place!

 ... honestly, it's hard to remember when Zoey wasn't walking!
I forget sometimes that it's actually only been a 
couple months since she took to it!

... but she is all over the house!
she loves getting around!

she absolutely loves daddy's game room!  
in fact, she'll often fuss when we put up the gate 
(at the kitchen entry) because she knows that then she
can't get to the game room!
she seriously loves controllers - and video game
controllers are her real favorite!

ha ha ha - i think she was talking to me!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

worn out!

I know, right, I'm posting about shoes.
worn out shoes!
... but, remember, this blog is our scrapbook - and I want
to remember some of these little details of life
with kids that I might forget one day!

I know that as Annicka has gotten older she has
worn out some of her shoes pretty good - but I'm not sure
if I ever took any photos of the poor old shoes?
worn beyond belief ... way beyond what should be worn.

so, I decided to take a pic of these two pair of
shoes of Jerichos ... before I threw them out!
this had been deemed "play" shoes a good couple months
ago ... but he kept wearing them to school!
and when I really looked at their condition, I realized
they were pretty far beyond even ok for play!
for crying out loud I could see through
one of them!!!  that's kids for ya - hard on stuff!!!
... I love it!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

my juice diet ...

 so, February 19 I began a little adventure!
I wanted it to be a ten day juice "fast", but it ended up
lasting only five days!  if only the juice just had
a bit better taste, I could have kept going!
I had no hunger - seriously.
... and it's not that the juice tastes that bad,
it's more that when that's all you have (apart from water)
and you have it three times a day, it gets old fast!
anyway, I think even five days did me
a world of good as far as cleansing my body and
getting me on a better path with my
diet in general, gotta get this high cholesterol down!
also, it got me drinking plenty of water
again and got my constant soda habit broke - 
without any headaches, too!!!

so, on my last day - I took some pics of the process ...

wash and slice vegies & fruits ...

juice everything ...

yum ...

lots to clean ...

now it's all ready for the next round!

Friday, March 9, 2012

that's funny!

this is what daddy found one night when checking on Liam!
so, of course, he told me to come see - I usually
interpret that as "get your camera" (though sometimes
he tells me to get the camera, too)!

oh my little Liam!
looks like you had quite a nice solo play date
before falling asleep!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

quotes of the week ...

I had these on my cell phone (I'm trying to use that now to "record" the cute things, so I can remember them for later) and am finally getting them on here!  Jericho's was a few weeks ago, but Liam's was this week!

Jericho told me this one day in the van while we were waiting for Annicka:
"you know what I'm gonna do with this pencil when I grow up?  I'm gonna sign autographs, cause I'm gonna be a singer, I'm gonna get lots of autographs"

Liam and I were playing that he was cooking me food and I was eating it!  So, on about my tenth round of imaginary food, he told me I had eaten his spatula!  oh my gosh - hilarious!  that boy amazes me with his vocabulary!

while driving one day, I turned the corner to the main road that our road is off of and hear from the back seat -
Liam:  "that was scary - you call that driving!"  wow.  he's a keeper!

I thought I would take note of Liam's current favorite word:  lame  ... yes, you read that right!  my barely four year old uses the word "lame"!  as in, "you put a lame show on" or "this show is lame", etc.  I'm not even sure where he heard this word, but he uses it appropriately - even if annoyingly!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a Saturday morning ...

Annicka "made" her shirt (the artwork) - pretty cool huh!

yah ... I let my kids get away with a lot when I 
have a camera in my hands!  photo ops people - this is good stuff!

but don't you hate how so much fun ...
(and yes, they ARE having fun)

usually ends like this for little ones :c
(this was a few minutes later - he got bumped I think)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

our musical girl!

recently Zoey has been making some of her little
"talk sounds" in a sing-song sort of pattern ...
like she's trying to sing!  it's so cute!

and she has a sing-a-ma-jig that sings happy birthday
that she now sings the "to you" part with!
I love the way her little lips purse up when she does
it too - it's stinkin adorable!

so, yes, she's our musical girl!
also loving her little tiger "piano" and drumming things!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Liam's mini party ...

 we had a cake made and added some of Liam's toy cars -
he loved it and so did we!  this was for our celebration of his
birthday with our friends (on our regular friday night together)!

he wanted a little taste!

 we've had our pizza ... now it's time for "happy birthday", blowing 
out the candles, and cake!!!  ... oh, and a birthday back scratch - lol!!!

time to open his present from our friends!

this is the coolest!  
great for in the car too!!!