Wednesday, March 30, 2011


friday, oh what a day it was! so, just in case you all think that all I ever do is sit at home - let me tell you about last friday! I'll give you a little forward, Zoey had an 11:30am appointment in San Luis Obispo - which is over an hour away from us.

got out of bed at 7:05am - I knew today was not the regular day, so staying till 7:15/7:20am just would not do (plus, that always means a lot of unnecessary yelling and chaos - as we have just minutes till we need to leave to get the kids to school in time for breakfast ... oh - breakfast at school, yah - don't ask)

took a shower. how come no one ever told me just how difficult it would be to get a shower when you're a mom? I'm not saying I don't have time ... but who really wants to shower at 9pm - I'm usually pretty tired by then!

decided that the big kids would just have to have breakfast at home, it was 7:25am and the babies needed baths. bathed Liam and Zoey, got them all dressed and ready to go!

took the kids to school. either it's been too long since we went at "normal" time or the line has gotten really long, they made it just after the second bell at 8:10am, with minutes to get to their classes by the final bell!

went and got gas. I knew I didn't have enough for the "long" trip, so went ahead and just filled it. can anyone hear me crying and saying "ouch"?

back home for some breakfast for Liam and me. I didn't have time to finish mine before diving into phone calls. I had to determine just how to get this new formula Zoey now drinks. got ahold of the company we used to get supplies from (feeding tube, polycose, etc) after finding out our insurance denied the request, I was told that the formula is $73 a can. and no, it's not some super size can - picture your typical small can of formula. yah. put a call into WIC to see if I can get it through them (I haven't called back, if you hang in here - you'll know why).

10:05am (I got a phone call - seriously I was on the phone for an hour - from the gastroenterologist's office saying that they could give me some formula to get by until we figure it all out, ok awesome - that just means I have to drive to Santa Barbara to get it. that's another hour away in a different direction) - oh no, we need to go now! no time to stop at starbucks for a passion fruit ice tea either, bummer. (that's my new favorite drink there, I figure it has to be a little better for me. maybe.)

we got to our appointment with no time to spare at 11:20am. it was with the clinic that does follow up for NICU babies and we were working specifically on her eating this day. (we missed her development appt. a couple weeks back when she had a cold, but hearing she'd lost weight they wanted us to come in for a feeding appt.) the occupational therapist completely agreed with me, it's not looking like an "ability" issue. she said she does everything very well - taking the food from the spoon, using her tongue, swallowing. so, it's more likely an appetite or texture issue. nothing to be too concerned about and she gave me some tips on what to do to gradually add texture (which will also add calories)! good appt. I left feeling great about Zoey's skills and our "coordinator" (or whatever her title is) absolutely loved Liam - she was "babysitter" to him while we were there! they colored, cleaned, and blew bubbles ... oh, and there was a snack involved too.

we headed home. stopped on the way to pick up drinks at starbucks - oh yes they did add a new larger size drink! and some pizza for snack/dinner - yah, we cruise in style! actually, I just wanted to be sure I had my bases covered for another long drive, this time with big kids in tow, too! for good measure, I also got a birthday cake pop for each of us - another addition at starbucks. darn you starbucks.

then it was a mad dash to the school to pick up the big kids and hit the road again! we made it Santa Barbara in good time, I wondered if we'd hit traffic - but no, God cleared the way (we had to be there by 4:30pm, when they close). we used the doc's potty and got the formula. back to the van, all buckled in, a quick call to the hubs (who had no idea of the SB trip) and were cruising again.

we finally got home at about 5:15pm (too late to call WIC back, see - I told you you'd know, and I mean what I say). if you weren't keeping count in your head while reading: me, Liam, and Zoey spent nearly five hours in the car and were out for a grand total of over seven hours!

it's days like these I realize just how amazing my kids can be. a few little fusses from Zoey was all I had to endure the entire day. there was lots of napping (even Jericho and Annicka) and lots of music. driving by the ocean and driving in the rain. I came home exhausted, but joyful to have this different sort of day with my little lovelies.

at one point on the way home, a walk/the park was mentioned. I said I thought it was a definite possibility ... after all that sitting, I wanted a little walk! so, we got home, got out of the car, grabbed bikes (and a stroller) and took off - this time on foot (well, Liam and I anyway)! I took my camera, to capture some of our fun ...

then we went home for real and we all relaxed. kids played. I did some internet and tv and headed to bed not too late. it was definitely a looong day. but, it was a great day!

quotes of the week ...

Liam is goofing off and he just totally said "you wanna piece of me" to his brother! laugh. out. loud.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

first game ...

so, March 19 was Jericho's very first t-ball game! the day actually began with the opening ceremonies for all the sports going on right now!

then it was back home, until time to head to our usual field for our very first game! it was adorable! the kids were confused and didn't know which way to run or throw - adorable, I tell ya! now, of course, some of the kids really know their game ... but I think it's all the other stuff that keeps it entertaining!

I had to break my rule on this one - the coach's face is
just so awesome! you can tell that he's into it - for every single kid!

that red dirt is just too intriguing!

Monday, March 28, 2011

new glasses ...

look who got his first pair of glasses!yesterday I decided to (finally - we saw the eye doc a good two or three
weeks back) take the kids to mall to get their new glasses!
technically, Annicka didn't "have" to have hers right away, but
I figure why not just get it done now - instead of waiting
until we're that much closer to another exam and possible new prescription?
Annicka picked hers completely on her own, the past several
pairs have all looked similar - for a reason, that's what she likes!
I helped Jericho a little, but ultimately he did get to
choose (and he chose my favorite) ...
he looks absolutely-t00stinkincute-adorable, I think!

the out-takes:

Liam felt he should be included as well - look at that smile!

crack me up.

being silly!
Jericho was doing that thing where you wave your hand
up and down in front of your face, changing your expression with
each reveal - what a crack up!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

have no fear ...

I know, I KNOW. it's been a few days. whoever may be a regular reader has probably noticed the lack of posts. we had a super busy week - appts. just about every single day - it was a little crazy. in fact, friday Zoey had an appt. in San Luis Obispo ... I drove home from that (picking up drinks from starbucks and pizza on my way) in time to pick up the kids from school and immediately head to Santa Barbara to pick up some more cans of formula from the gastroenterologist! After discovering Zoey's new formula is minimum of $60 a can I decided the drive was worth four more cans to get by with while we figure out if we can get it from WIC (insurance denied it).

but, have no fear - I've already begun editing pics and setting up posts, so hopefully we'll be back on track. the computer was being very slow and fickle last night, though, so hopefully it stops acting up or it may take me all day to set up a week's worth of posts! oh yah, I guess I should mention that's usually what I do now! one day a week I set up posts and schedule them so there's a post each day (I didn't know you could do that until a few months ago). there's also the random ones that I do spontaneously, so it's not all scheduled, but mostly!

I have some cool pics too - I'll give you a hint: a certain little someone finally got his glasses! ok, I guess that's less "clue" and more "tease" - lol! I slept in big time today, I have "the crud" that the kids have had ... and I'm afraid Zoey may have a runny nose, which could delay wednesday's "surgery" - ugh. ok - that's about all - just thought I'd let ya know what was up ... plus, now I can say there was a post today - yahoo!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

some results are in ...

first off, I want to record that Zoey woke up very hungry this morning - at six am! she happily grabbed her bottle from daddy and eagerly sucked it down (this is the eleCare, her new formula) ... she ended up drinking 5.5 oz (OH, I stand corrected, it was only 2.5oz, I thought daddy had given her the other half :c - completely on her own (no coaxing, etc.). I'm hoping we've rounded a corner!

now, for some results from the doc - he just called:
*her allergy tests came back regular - no dairy or soy allergy ("officially" - but he said it's still reasonable to guess that she may have an issue with dairy and it still could have played a part in "all this"!) so, he feels continuing with the eleCare is a good thing to do, also because it has more calories!
*he now suspects that it is indeed mostly a reflux problem, so we need to get the prevacid (we're working on it with insurance and where to get it) and give it some time to see if she stops the vomiting, etc. (which, honestly, still confuses me - she had been fine for a LONG time without any reflux medication? it didn't even occur to me that that was the problem, I just assumed she was sick?)
*he wants her to do occupational therapy, in case there's any oral aversion occurring - and to help her with the eating of solids
*her CBC was good, except for one part - her white blood cell count was low, which could just be from being sick all this time
*we will go back in about two weeks for another weight check (she was still 17lbs 10oz yesterday) and a follow up CBC, so another blood draw for her

so, that's this mornings news!

*edited to add, she at about 1/2 of her peas and about 2.5oz for brunch, then finished the other 3.5oz a couple hours later! and has taken 4oz of her late afternoon bottle! I just gave her her half a tablet (it's the generic prevacid) and my finger is throbbing - I have to melt it in her mouth, so she bit me over and over for about a minute - I may be wimpy, but OUCH!

quotes of the week ...

you may be surprised to find out who this quote is about - Zoey! now, it may have been a total fluke (it probably was) but it was just SO right on cue! Zoey was sitting on the floor and her bottle was sitting on top of our movie cabinet ... so, sitting there she looked up at the bottle, then looked at daddy (he was laying on the floor with her) ... he started to say "do you want your bottle" and at the same time she, loud and clear, said "bah-bah"! WOW! we both looked at each other and looked at her and we cheered and clapped, and she clapped (one of her favorite actions lately)!

wow, another one for little missy. she is playing with one of the boys "boomer man" (aka: gi joes) vehicles, well - it's a watercraft of some sort - ya know, the thing that sort of "flies" on top of water? anyway (I could probably stem off onto multiple subjects if I continue) she's moving it around and making a sort of "vroom" sound, for lack of a better description. I just thought it was cute, cause it seemed like she was playing with it just how Liam might- making the sounds and all!

so, I was laying on the couch, cuddling Zoey while she drank her bottle of pedialyte (we're going through a rough patch with her right now, but I don't have the energy to blog about it). Liam wanted to cuddle too, so I told him to come on over and he could cuddle up with my other side (lol). laying there -a "baby" on each side- cuddling up, I said "this is the life". Liam quickly replied, "yah, dis is da life"! MELT-MY-HEART! then I said "I love my babies"! I quickly corrected myself and said "my big boy" and he goes, "you only have one baby, mama: Zoey"! so cute. yes, I guess that's true. as much as I don't want to stop - I really need to quit saying "the babies" now :c

so, I got home tonight and Liam happened to see the lunchable I bought him for tomorrow's lunch. this started a mini meltdown and he was crying and didn't want to eat his real dinner. I finally "gave in" and said he could have it, but then he wouldn't have one tomorrow when bubba and sissy eat theirs (a concept he likely didn't understand at all). as he ran to the refrigerator to get it, he exclaimed "I win" ... uh - wow - should I be worried??? LOL.

something else I thought I'd mention - Liam says this a lot "achully"! that's actually. and I mean, it is ohmygoshIwannasqueezeyou adorable! like when I was opening the aforementioned lunchable and said something about how I know he likes it, and he goes "I achully love it". oh. so. sweet.

I was tucking Liam in and he started going through the list of who he loves "I love daddy, and I love bubba, and I love myself" ... it was pretty funny to hear him say that, it was cute! then it was "I love your heart, and daddy's heart, and bubba's heart, and my heart" - lol! he's so stinkin cute! he did mention all of us at one point or another!

on this morning, Liam is obsessed with books! he's carrying around two little "Cars" books and continues to say "these are your libary car books". too cute!

Liam put my sun glasses on, they proudly proclaimed "I'm stylish"!

Monday, March 21, 2011

t-ball ...

that's my son, refusing to do jumping jacks
(he actually had to go sit down until he'd participate,
the coach did get him to do those jumping jacks and
run his lap too)

that's my son, playing in the dirt

yah, dirt

look at that big bird in the sky
(and I wonder where my kids get the
"easily" distracted gene)

good throw son

it is so adorable to me when the coach
helps the kids ... I love pics of this!

and, yah, they have a hard time remembering he's a leftie -
but it makes for better pics, and really he can hit either way!

that's my son - dancing on the field!

playing around, not paying attention

another good throw

run, bubba, RUN!

keep going, you're almost home!


yes, we're finally putting our feet in the waters of the sports world! I think it's great, too. they are so darn cute!