Friday, November 25, 2011

busy, busy, busy ...

no blogging here lately.  I know, I'm so very behind!  but, I'm not counting on carving out much time for blogging in the next week - so I'm fully prepared to be even more behind by the time a return is in sight.  it's ok.  it really is

I'm just far too busy right now trying to get my act together working on projects for this bazaar I'll be at in a week.  A WEEK!!!  ack.  I keep telling myself that whatever I have that day, is what I'll have.  truth be told - I'm a time waster - and if I could figure out how to better manage my time, I know I'd be going with much more.  guess that's just how it goes, though, right?  I have a week left to get things done.  and, once again, whatever I have done is what I'll have with me that day.  nothing more, nothing less.  and I will be ok with that!

so, don't miss me too much ... it will be a while!  but I'm here to say "hi" and let all know that thanksgiving was especially special, as my parents are here with us!  no photos though, as usual - the camera hasn't been touched since they've been here ... what is up with that anyway?  but I am determined to get some decent shots of them with the kids while we're out doing the kids yearly christmas card pics ... and, shoot, that reminds me that I have yet to do pics of my now eleven year old Annicka!  oh my - once again, time waster AND forgetful to boot!!!

hope all had a wonderful thanksgiving.  there's so much to be thankful for.  sometimes I don't feel like being thankful, but God is always quick to remind me just how much I have to be thankful for ... thank You, God, for that!  blessings to all, ~me

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the face of an angel ...

I think he was singing?  he was also loving some new toys from
Jacob that miss Jill brought when she watched the "babies" during a field trip
I got to go on!!!

indeed - my little three year old has the cutest, most adorable little face!  with his big blue eyes, his cute little dimple, and that smile ... oh my!  and you'd never know, looking at all the fine pics I share, just how much of a stubborn little thing he is.  good grief. 

I love you Liam.  always and no matter what.  and remember, some day you'll be a daddy (I imagine) and you'll know just how tough the sweet little angel face three year olds are!!!  love, LOVE, love you my blue eyed boy!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

little miss ...

I love it!  she's such a silly little doll!  she's been climbing in and out of her bumbo -on her own- for some time now (like, months) but it's still just as cute as ever!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

field trip ...

amazingly I have been able to attend both field trips (one for each child) so far this year!!!  much thanks to my Cali bestie, Jill, who is so sweet and watches my little ones for me.  I was thinking about this the other day ... and I honestly can't remember the last time a friend watched any of my children!  of course, I don't have the best memory when it comes to these things, but from what I can recall ... it was back in Oklahoma!  and it was just Annicka!!!  like I said, I could be wrong, but it's just not a "normal" thing for me - so I am just so grateful for Jill and her willingness to help me out!

so, here's the field trip I went on back in October, with Jericho!  it was so much fun!  I loved it all:  the long bus ride, my little group of kiddos, the animals - the goats were really cute, the hay maze, finding pumpkins, lunch at picnic tables (and looking up to see that grapes were growing above our heads) ... it just was such a fun day! 

and, yes, I took my camera and enjoyed snatching a few pics too:

Sunday, November 13, 2011


a couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of having Sparky for a week - so fun! just had to catch a couple pics before we had to return him to Awana!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

every day ...

more catching up - just some every day pics!!!

found these cute drawings on our dry erase boards!
left is Annicka's and right is Jericho's!

practicing the walking!!!

love that smile!

and that one ... oh my gosh this kid!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

remember that really hot day ...

well, here I am finally finishing up getting the pics on the blog from that same day!!! did I mention before how much I love this little romper? oh yah - Zoey is stylin!!

miss big girl standing up!


ha ha ha - looks like a "help" pic ... let me out!!!

ha ha - too funny ... it's like she's like "what are these"?  lol!

caught this and thought it was hilarious!

not the best pic - but I love it when she sits like this!

and when she sat like this - hilarious, adorable, and precious
all at the same time - and I barely caught it!

she was really mad at me cause I kept putting the headband back
on in an attempt to get a good pic ... obviously that never happened!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

yikes ...

wow - I'm working on editing photos and realizing just how behind I've gotten on both the blogs!  I've been busy being creative with "business" stuff ... also busy trying to figure out stuff that looks so easy - but is turning into a bit of a nightmare!

so, stay tuned ... I'll catch up eventually!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

quotes of the week ...

(October 27) Liam is carrying around a plate and saying "I'm a butler" (he's holding it the right way too) ...and then says, I'm gonna be a butler for halloween! no, no, no - no more costume changes little dude!  but that was adorable!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

trick or treat ...

here's the crew ... all ready to head out for trick or treating last night!

trick or treating finished off three evenings full of fun for us!  saturday was the school "dance" (aside from the fact that there's music at a conga line and group dances did occur, I'm not sure why they call it a dance?) and I took Annicka and Jericho to that one.  no photos, because I took the video camera, but we had a lot of fun.  sunday was the fall festival at the chapel here on base.  again, no photos, I had all four kids and decided to be focused on them and not trying to get pics ... but, again, we had lots of fun.  it was really cute that Liam was able to play the games (think bean bag toss & fishing for a price - FUN) and of course they all love getting little prizes!  then, finally, monday night trick or treating!  it was fun and exhausting having three fun-filled nights in a row!

I should mention that yesterday was SO busy.  from the moment I got out of bed I was on a roll.  Annicka was begging me to finish their trick or treat bags (I finished the ones for our friends, cause I felt all bad I had hyped it up and then didn't think I could get it done - but saturday morning I woke up determined to do it, and got those two done) so we went out for a few things at Target and then to JoAnn for more fabric and iron-on letters!  we picked up pizza (and my payday starbucks frappacino) and headed home where the kids enjoyed lunch and movies and I got to work on the bags!  they turned out pretty cute, but if you look close there are some real flaws, that's what I get for doing a rush job - but, hey, I guess I work pretty well under pressure. they're done.  done is better than perfect.  that's my new motto!  (ok, technically they're not done, there's still trim to add - not to mention Zoey's is no where near done - but you get the point)

so, here are the pics from last night ... yes, of course, I had to take some pics so we'd have some photographic evidence of all the fun!!!

 did I forget to mention there was a last minute costume change for 
"buzz lightyear"???  turns out his suit was no where (and I mean
no where, my upside down house is proof that I looked everywhere
for it!) to be found, so while at Target he picked out a new 
costume.  and, lest you think I'm nutty, the buzz costume was a repeat
from last year - so, no, I certainly did not buy two costumes!!!

my adorable muscle mater!!!

my shadow ninja ...
he was insistent on having "weapons" -  just set on
having a sword, which I think was the motivation of his
costume choice!!!

a vampire!  surprise, surprise.
where does she get this fascination for vampires?  I have
no idea (lol).  second year in a row, but she re-wore
her same costume in order to get the "realistic"
vampire teeth!

managed to catch a half decent pic of my girly ewok while
we were out and about trick or treating ... she was not
having it during photo time!!!  let's just say - this costume was
not the best choice for a child who hates stuff on their head!

they're having a great time!
(Zoey's behind Liam in the second seat of the stroller)

and there's my girly ewok!
somehow I don't think this is exactly what daddy was probably
picturing when he said he wanted her to be an ewok - lol!
after finishing the bags for the older kids, I girlied up 
Zoey's costume!!!  I think it's quite lovely myself!

she had a fantastic time!  loved it all!!!

yah, this is what she looked like the majority of the time - 
stinker!  but she is loving when people actually hand
her candy ... doesn't have a clue what it is, but knows it's fun!
she was shaking those milk duds like ... 
like a polaroid picture!!!

can't get a smile out of him, he says he's cold!

finally home and look at that smile!!!

showing off our candy treasure!

look how happy she is!

uh, yah - apparently when I'm really excited I have a super
creepy smile - ha ha.  but it was so cute how I caught
her smiling with me for this pic - so, I'll swallow my pride and share!

Annicka's treasure

my little poser!
 and his treasure!

ready, set ...

dump it all out!!!
I love how Liam is still looking at me and is
just clueless - it's cute how it takes the 
little ones a minute to catch on!

mucho bueno!!!
(that does mean "very good" right???)

so, yes, the "against halloween" mama has made a huge turn.  if anyone is looking for an explanation on that, all I can say is that my convictions changed on the matter.  I had to take a good look at our every day lives and concluded that to dress up, trick or treat, etc. really was not that big of a deal.  the end.

the kids had a great time, I really enjoyed it too!  there was some fun houses - the kids even walked through a little "haunted house" sort of thing (the two oldest) at one house!  it was a fun night of being together, the five of us! 

p.s.  I'm not even gonna lie, though, I felt like such a candy "pimp"!  lol!!!