Tuesday, May 31, 2011

final t-ball game ...

t-ball has been done for over a week now - it was fun, but it's nice to be done with the wednesday practices and saturday games! overall, I'd say Jericho was ... nonchalant, yes - that's a good way to describe Jericho's enthusiasm for t-ball! it wasn't that he didn't like it ... he just wasn't "into" it like some of the kids were. and, he had this tendency to get ... distracted (and dance around the plate, dig or build in the dirt, etc.)! I think we'll try soccer when it comes around, but I'm just not too sure he's a sports sort of boy!

here's some pics from his last game:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Zoey's little bun ...

so, last week I did a little loopy bun for the first time (with Zoey's hair) ... two loopies is one of my most favorite hair dos for little girls ... but her hair isn't quite long enough! while she was in her high chair, she got it out - the photo doesn't show it, but her hair was so wild, it was hilarious!... and then, I put it back in!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am Zoey ...

has anyone else heard of the campaign to end the "r" word?

there are many "names" we would never tolerate being called,
or being used in a negative manner ... let's remember
that the "r" word is no different.

I, myself, used to use it a lot. I remember telling a dear friend (when
I was pregnant) that it was a really bad habit, and she said -
calmly, nicely: "you can't do that".
she was right.
I had never thought about it. it's so accepted, it just didn't
feel wrong. now I realize how wrong it is.
I've joined the campaign (and, yes, while still pregnant with Zoey
I broke myself of the habit) ... won't you?

and remember, no one wants to be defined by
a "condition" they may have ... they are people, we're all people!
I wouldn't like it if someone said, "that's fat Sasha" -
so why would someone else like being introduced (whether
in person or not) as anything more than who they are?
(not how they look, not the disease they have, etc.)

I am speaking on the behalf of our sweet little Zoey, if she
could talk to you - I'm sure she'd like you know ...

I am not a "down syndrome baby" ...

I am Zoey!
I am happy a lot,
I whine a lot,
I'm stubborn,
I have a big, bold smile,
I am cute,
I like to chat & yell,
I don't care about standing or walking,
I like my bottle,
I'm eating more and more "real" food,
I'm growing,
I've had open heart surgery,
I can sign "baby",
I love music,
I like to pull hair,
I'll bite you if you stick your finger in my mouth,
I have beautiful eyes,
I am smart,
my family loves me,
God loves me,
I am a child of God!

I'm a baby, who has down syndrome!