Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ThanksGiving (November)

 so special to have Nana & Grandaddy here for the holidays and birthdays!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

twelve years old. (November)

pretty self explanatory here ... my first baby turned twelve last month.  crazy!!!

Liam was awake and had joined me that morning, so he got to be a part of the morning presents!
later I went and picked up her cake - she had requested it have hamsters on it!
she got to choose dinner, so we had subway and then did cake "with" daddy - via skype!

Annicka - you drive me nuts and you know it!
you also know that despite that, I love you to death ...
the little girl that made me a mommy!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

shoes! (November)

I love that Zoey can say "shoes" - and it sounds so cute to hear her, it sounds like the end
of the word bijou!  like "jouz" - too cute, my little lover of shoes!

and yes, she loves to try everyone's shoes on ... this day I caught her with the camera!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

church time (November)

I may have never mentioned about the awesome church I started going to back in January!
anyway, it's called The Journey Church and I love it!
it reminds me, in some ways, of Life Church - back in Oklahoma!

well, I hadn't been for a couple months ...
but in September I decided it was time to get back to church -
time to commit to being there every week!
I'm so glad to be back!!!

anyway, this is a pic I snapped of Zoey one Sunday morning as we were getting ready to go to church!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

trick OR treat!!! (October)

 for trick or treating we were invited to a friends to go as a group and I gotta say - it was a blast!
we went to our friends' house for dinner (delicious) and then the whole lot of us headed out
for candy getting!  I snapped these group pics before we all hit the pavement ...
 my four are on the left - Zoey in the stroller, Annicka behind the stroller, 
Liam next to Annicka, and Jericho next to Liam
 1-Liam loved his costume!  he called himself "a police", though technically it was a swat team costume!  I still think the only reason he chose it was because of all the fun "stuff" that came attached to it!  (flashlight, handcuffs, and like five other things!)
2-third year as a vampire, and Annicka is so not into having her pics taken - but clearly I still manage my mamarazzi skills fairly well
3-little Zoey trying to lick a still wrapped lollipop!
4-little Zoey giving me a big CHEESE
5-Jericho was Darth Vader, he was spoiled this year and even got the gloves and light saber to go with the costume!
6-he was so excited and so cute going up and getting his candy at each house
7-my friend was his buddy that night, he even said "I love you, now I'm in love with two people" ... uh, awkward son - but you're still little so it's still adorable (in case I never mentioned it, the other person he's in love with is one of his teachers - clearly he's going for the mature ladies)
8-awww that sweet face, we'll repeat that photo later cause it's just so lovely
9-look at that, told you my mamarazzi skills were ON, it's vampire Annicka again!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

halloween pre-school party ... (October)

just a quick share of these couple pics from the party at preschool!
Liam had a ton of fun and was so excited to get to wear his costume to school!