Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zoey's drawer ...

I'm sure I've mentioned that Zoey is quite the climber (in fact, she's
been attempting to climb high on the couch and intentionally fall off - not
so fun for mama, gotta really be on guard and ready to grab her) ... 
well, this drawer has kind of become Zoey's, because she's constantly
opening it and either taking out the contents (her diapers and wipes) and then
sometimes putting them back in OR she's climbing into the drawer!
what a silly little goose!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Zoey ...

just a little saturday morning action from Zoey ...

she loves climbing into the blocks bucket!

she can get out too!
(and don't worry - those outlets are plugged now)

she loves to get a hold of our laptop - but this day
daddy gave her one of her own ... she loved it!

I love this one!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

my little sunshine!

Zoey really is my little sunshine!  I love it when she plays peek-a-boo
from around a corner and this day (a couple weeks ago) I caught
it with the camera!!!  she was running all over the place that morning ...
into the laundry room and the garage - she's very adventurous!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

getting back to blogging ...

ha ha - I love that pic of my little baby chicken Liam!!!  anyway, just a quick post tonight to say that I'll be working on getting back to semi-regularly blogging ... honestly I guess there's barely been a skip in the beat, it only feels that way because it's been so long since I've sat down and worked on it and scheduled posts!!!  but ... we have lots of pics to add, so yay!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

quotes of the week ...

so, I've been slacking a little on the blog!  truth is I haven't been taking tons of pics lately, I've had a terrible cough, I've been doing a "juice fast", I've been lazy, and ... well that's all I got - unless I should also mention that now that I have about four orders to fill my sewing machine has decided to act up!  argh.

but, I thought I'd stop by and share a cute quote from this morning!  I had called Liam my baby!  as in, handed him his bowl of breakfast "snacks" and said "here ya go baby" ... to which I quickly made sure what I meant, by saying "you're always gonna be my baby" ... his reply, "yah, I'm your baby - but just with hair".  LOL.  I love you little Liam bean!!!

later that day:
oh - he gave me another one!  Liam found my gum and was asking about it and wanting a piece!  the other day I gave him some gum and he swallowed it - so I told him (today) that he could have a piece of my yummy strawberry gum, but that he can't swallow it and has to keep chewing it and NOT let it fall on the floor either - it must stay in the mouth!  ... so, I've made the littles lunch and sit back down (yes, at the laptop - I know, mother of the year) and after a few minutes Liam says, "how long do I have to chew this gum?".  it was at that point that I realized he's sitting there holding his banana, but what he's chewing is the gum!  (yes, again, mother of the year - a good five minutes went by of him holding that banana while chewing the gum that I had completely forgotten he had).  It was at that time that I had to explain to him that we spit out our gum to eat and that he can do so - so he can eat his lunch - lol!!!  love these little life moments!

and then, while I was writing this, he saw a commercial and said:
Liam:  "I'm gonna get you a snuggle ball" 
Mama:  "you are!"
Liam:  "yah,snuggle balls are little pet dogs to snuggle"
what a sweetie he can be!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

my hair ...

last night I did something I've never really done before - colored my own hair!  so, technically when I was a teenager I did attempt a few bleachings, colorings of small parts of my hair - but this was different!  my grays were taking over and my highlights were fading and I had grow-out (it was last June that I last had my hair colored) ... so, the cheapest solution was to give it a try at home, "myself"! 

I wasn't too far into the painting of my hair when I had to send Annicka for my hubby ... it was clear I was gonna need his eyes and his help - so, he took over and got my hair all "painted" and covered with the coloring "cream"!

a 35 minute wait and then it was time for me to rinse and see how we did ... I was nervous!  but, guess what, we did well!  I had to play with the photos (Annicka took them for me) since they were a little dark - so the colors may not be exactly accurate ... but you can definitely see there's a difference, apart from just the fact that it's washed and been blown dry nice and straight!

hubby keeps saying "it's really brown"!  lol!  the lady told me to go with a medium brown, saying that was my natural color, before going too dark (and said that the color would be darker than it appeared on the little sample strand) ... but hubby and I both agree that my hair is lighter than my natural brown!  I like it, though, and I can always go darker if I want to - but it would be difficult to go lighter, probably!

so, there it is - my super long hair all "did"!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

fancy baby ...

 all ready for church!
Zoey has only been to church a handful of times in her life, but I'm
hoping to get us all going again and so a couple weeks ago she went to
the "new" church for the first time!  (that's the day she tried the nursery for
the first time ever!)

 she was really trying to get that hair clip out - but she was pulling on it
in the direction that it couldn't come out - lol!  she actually ended up getting
mad and laying on the floor for a quick little fit over it!

 look at that silly smile!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

us girls ...

 nothing special here, just captured some fun times on a saturday morning with my girls!!!

 I do not like photos of myself - but, I do allow it on occasion ...
mostly just so my kids will have a few pics of their mama!

love this pic!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

quotes of the week ...

as I buttoned Liam's pants for him (he can't do that yet and had asked me to help him out) he looked up at me with those big blue eyes and oh so sweetly said ... "what would I do without you"!  talk about melting my heart!

a couple weekends ago daddy came to church with us ... and our friends came too!  so, afterward, we all went out to lunch together (so fun, by the way)!  the hubs decided that Zoey needed some of her "chippies" (the gerber type they make for toddlers) and so he took Liam and walked over to Toys R Us to get some!  well, apparently when Liam noticed the building and the sign he said:
"I don't wanna go to toys for brats"
oh my gosh - lol!  so, then I found out where he got it from - there's this show the kids watch called Mad.  it's a "skit/sketch" type show (and, admittedly, it's meant for older kids and the boys shouldn't watch it at all - but anyway)  so I guess there's an episode, well here - check it out ...

yah, I know, nice (not!) ... but anyway, hearing that he'd said that was pretty funny!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

hair cut ...

 here's a few random pics I took one day, just because I wanted a couple photos of Annicka ... you can see how enthused she was about that!

 but they show what her hair looked like before her hair cut, so they work good for this post ... oh, and look, there she is with her new do and still less than cooperative for a photo.  sigh.

Monday, February 13, 2012

just "one of the boys" ...

except, of course, that she's a girl! LOL!!!  but I thought it was super cute the day that Zoey was so interested in playing with her brothers!

and yah, two weeks after she turned two (about when I took these pics) I still couldn't believe she is two!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

jail time ...

you may be wondering about the title of this post, I couldn't come up with anything more clever as I looked at the photo and remembered the other day ... Jericho saw that I had taken a photo of his ten dollar bill (before he erased it) and got upset and said "I don't wanna go to jail".

you may be wondering where that comment came from?  well, when I was explaining to him that we're not supposed to write on money, Annicka (of course) had piped up and said something like "yah, you'll go to jail".  myself I found a bit amusing when he came to me all smiles that day and told me about his artistic rendering of his birthday money - "I drew a buggar" - that's my kid! 

so, yes, Jericho has entered the life of crime by adding a mustache and buggar to good old Mr. Hamilton ... but hopefully this isn't actually a jail time crime or I'm totally outing him here, poor kid!

p.s.  I love you Jericho and I thought it was pretty cute your shocked face (jaw drop, eyes wide) when I chimed in with your sister about the jail threat ... not so cute that then you looked like you might cry and quickly took the money and erased your drawing.  I love you, boy!

Friday, February 10, 2012

I still can't believe she's two!!!

are you sick of hearing about Zoey and how she's two years old yet?  well, these are the last of the pics of Zoey "turning" two - from the night of her mini party!  ... but, I still can't really believe that I have a two year old.  She's starting to outgrow her 12 month clothes and in fact she's getting so long that she even wears some 2T's for tops!!!  it's sort of hit me the last couple weeks that we really are done having babies.  the baby days are really, pretty much behind us - and we will never have babies (ours anyway) again!  mind you, it's a sad thing to me -yes- however I do not have baby fever in any sort of way.  I'm way too overwhelmed to even imagine what it would be like to have any more babies and maybe that's for the best, since I always thought I'd be one of "those people" who never felt "done" having babies!  but, let it be known, I feel done.  very done!!!  and, onto the pics ...

with her babies ...
well, how else would you carry two babies at once???

I love this, ha ha, looks like she's doing a little jig!!

that's my girl - she never disappoints for a good laugh!

playing with her new building toys!!