Sunday, September 23, 2012

happy birthday!

so, my hubby left August 29 ... the day before his birthday!  and the way it works out is that he'd be spending his birthday in an airplane - or have no birthday at all, since he left here the 29th and got to Korea the 31st!  it was really a bummer for him.

but, honey (he reads the blog) we did have a little celebration for you!  sorry I'm so late to get this pic on here ...

we lit the candle, sang, and blew it out - just for you!  we love you so much and miss you!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

saying see ya later ...

so I can't sleep. it's been a hard week. but that's for another time of pouring my heart out.  tonight, I'm going to finally get these "saying see ya later" pics up (daddy has been practically begging, and - yah - I feel guilty) on the blog!

I wanted to be sure I got pics of my hubby with each of our kids before he left for his short tour to Korea!  I plan to get them printed and put them on the wall, so the kids can look at them ... but for him, they needed to be here, so he can see them!

it will be fun to take pics again when he comes home, and see how much they change.  and in the meantime, it's just a little reminder (or will be, once I get the project done) to each child of the silly, loving daddy that is missing them and can't wait to be back home!

wow - he even wanted one with mama!
hoping that this one will be quite different (me) by the time he gets home too!!!  ;-)

 and the funny face "out take"!

Monday, September 10, 2012

the fourth of July!

argh. these photos are in majorly random order because blogger is being a pill!!! boo blogger!

anyway, for fireworks on the fourth of July we met up with some of our friends!
I didn't break our parking lot tradition, it just works too well ... why
ruin a good thing, right?  (if it ain't broken, why fix it?!)

it was lots of fun!
the kids especially had fun devouring all sorts of sugary, snacky foods ...
I was on day three of my "take shape for life" journey (btw, today marks 10 weeks
and I've lost 38lbs) so I had a soda and one of my bars - and, of course, water!

here's the pics:

watching the fireworks! 
... and eating!

Jericho is being silly, hiding behind his candy!
and Mady is being silly too!

there's silly Gaby ...
I think that concludes the silly face pics - lol!

Zoey was iffy, initially she seemed excited and like she like the fireworks ...
but then later she seemed like maybe she didn't like the noise!
here's a pic of all the kids but Liam, he had fallen asleep on the way!

fireworks ...

and friends!
(Traci & Josh)