Friday, November 1, 2013

halloween: 2013 - round one ...

this year the kids are extra excited, because we get round one and round two of
trick-or-treating fun!  the base is having an even and trick-or-treating tonight, instead
of last night!  super fun!  excited kids!
 I was very please!  I mean, I may not have gotten all eyes toward me (or open, ahem - Liam - just
like his daddy) or huge, overly happy smiles ... but the kids really did indulge me and
cooperated extra well for me to take pics!  maybe they're finally realizing that
if they just cooperate, it goes so much faster!!!

 here is Zoey as Mickey (minus the ears, she just refused) ...
this was supposed to be her costume, but it was too small!  I mean like,
major wedgies (yes, plural) too small!
I was so sad!  I went to at least four walmarts trying to find it in the right size,
but never did ... and now that halloween is over and I think I lost the receipt - I can't 
even return it!  so, here is a $17 photo I have to remember that
Zoey should have been an adorable Mickey - but her mom is a goofy-goof, LOL!!

 we met up with a big group from Liam's kindergarten class, while
we waited for everyone - I snapped this pic!  so sweet!

 I just love watching my little kids enjoy this stuff!
(yes, the big kids too - but you all know what I mean)

 it was precious the way Zoey would look into her bucket each time!
she never really did get the "trick or treat" down, but I think
she knew that at each door she was gonna get a little treat in her bucket!
so cute!

she was so tuckered out, she fell asleep on the way home!

 we only stayed out for about an hour!
*there were some "traffic issues" ... when things started to feel a little too much, we
decided we were done!  let's just say cars were going faster than they should have, then
a dad decided to make a point of pointing this out - to every car trying to drive
down the road, there was some arguing happening and then a car that kept coming back
driving up and down the road and revving his engine!  yikes!*

 the kids were bummed to be done, but we had told them we weren't staying out too late anyway!
we were out for about an hour and they got a good amount of "loot"!!!

 it was definitely a fun time ... 
round two tonight!!!
hope everyone had a fun, safe day ... from our little minion Dave, ninja, Minnie Mouse, and vampire!

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