Thursday, November 14, 2013

thankful, day 14 ...

I am thankful for this kid!!!
so, obviously this is also a "throw back thursday"!
it's Jericho at about a year old and Jericho today!!!
love this kid - he always has me cracking a smile (or hiding a giggle) with his humorous
ways!  somehow kids never cease to amaze me with what they come up with, 
and with this one it's almost always funny!

when Jericho was a baby, I used to say "if they were all like him, I'd have twelve"!
he really was the BEST baby!!!
even as a young toddler he was just so sweet and such a pushover, I remember I was always
worried for him at church and mothers day out ... fearing he'd get hurt or upset - just letting other
kids push him around.  it's safe to say - he grew out of that - lol!!!

I think deep down he is still a sweetie (he still gives mom a hug & kiss goodnight)
but he's not so much a pushover ... maybe in certain situations, he can be good at backing down -
like in situations with friends, letting them have their way ... but his little personality
has surely grown with him!  I can actually remember distinctly when
he started to change, it was when he was nearing three ... I was pregnant with Liam, hubby
was in Korea, and all of a sudden my "perfect" little boy became a bit of a stinker!
ha ha - kids!!!

Jericho - my sweet freckle face boy (just like mama) I love you so much!
I love the sweetness you possess and I love your funny personality - always trying to get a laugh!
you're awesome, dude!!!

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