Tuesday, November 5, 2013

thankful, day 5 ...

look at that big smile!
I am so thankful for my little big kindergarten boy!
it was an extremely hard decision between continuing to home school him and
putting him into a local school!  when I found out there is a charter
school that uses Montessori methods I felt like it was a sign ... I have always 
wanted to put my kids in a Montessori school, but knew I could never afford it!
true, it's not the same, but my thought was it was as close as we'd get!
it was rocky at first: he clung onto me some days (though never as drastically as
I've experienced with certain other kids, ahem - oldest daughter had to be ripped off of me
at church and mothers days out when she was little - lol) and he would get in the
van and walk up to school repeating phrases like "I hate school" - ugh.
he had pulled at my heart strings more than once, telling me how 
much he misses me and such - oh that little charmer!

but by last thursday, the two week mark, I was noticing a shift ...
an acceptance, if you will.  I think he finally figured out that this is what we're doing!
just a few days into this experience the teacher decided to do these 
button charts with Liam, it helps break the day down into parts ... both to keep him
up to date on the routine and also to help him with his behavior!
yesterday marked the fourth day "in a row" of him having a GREAT day.
I'm smiling.
I'm happy.

I know he'll still have his days, all kids do.
other kids in his class, that have been there from the start, still have "not so hot" days.
they're kids.  it will happen.
but I feel confident we made the right decision!
he is learning to read and he is blowing me away!

I am so thankful for my sweet Liam!
my baby boy with blue eyes!
my little boy with the sweetest face and loving heart -
who can turn on you in .0001 seconds if things don't go the way he wants or expects!
I have to laugh at that truth about him.
but I believe parents know that, though their kids aren't perfect - because no one is, they all
have amazing qualities and parents have a special way of seeing those!

Liam - you are a smart little boy!
you astound me and I love hearing your gentle little voice, telling me about a
video game or a movie or what you're playing ... or, now, about your day
at school - it is a true treasure and it brings a smile to my face and my heart!
you will always be my "baby" boy ...
and I will always be so very thankful for you!!!

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