Saturday, November 16, 2013

thankful, day 16 ...

what happened to my little photogenic girl?
these days I get bored, silly, or annoyed looks ... open eyes optional - LOL!!!

I am thankful for this beautiful young lady!
to say it like that is crazy ... I can't really believe that Annicka will be 13 soon ...
not even "soon" - she's gonna be 13 this weekit's a matter of days.

I'm about to have a teenager.  scary.

I am so thankful for you, Annicka - the little baby that made me a mama!
you and I are very different and sometimes it is hard for me to relate to you - and that
only gets more challenging as you get older.  but, I try.  I really do.
one day you will read this, maybe you'll be a mom by the time you do ... or maybe
you'll re-read this as a mom, and you'll understand!  being a parent is not
for wimps.  you have always ... "kept me on my toes" - so to say!
I pray you keep your strength ... though it makes parenting you a bit overwhelming
at times (you may have heard the term "strong willed") ... I know it 
can and will come in handy for you in your life.

I love that you make up your mind about something ... and that's that.
again, this way of thinking could come in very handy for you as a growing girl!

I am trying to be careful about what I say here - as it is out there
for anyone to view.  I only share to be truthful and to show you (some day) just
how far you have come!  I still remember the little girl who would
throw herself on the floor -in the middle of the store, mind you- when I wouldn't
buy you what you wanted.  yah.  that happened.  more than once.
but look how far you've grown, even in just seven years.
I can't imagine another five years, you being 18 and me thinking back to these
days ... 12/13 is a difficult time.  so much is going on and so much
is changing.  I am so glad to have you at home with me.
I know that homeschooling has been extremely challenging - for both of us ...
I know that it is something you want to continue ...
I pray that you truly realize that it takes effort and self discipline,
if we can get that (both of us) steadily, then we're golden!!!

I feel like I'm just rambling.
I think I have about a thousand thoughts racing around, jumping over each other,
doing back hand springs in my brain - lol.

but, the important thing so say is:
I am so thankful for you.
I am thankful for you how you are and thankful for who you are ...
and I am thankful that I have you and that I get to watch
you grow into a young woman (even though it makes me want to cry)!

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