Monday, November 4, 2013

thankful, day 4 ...

our home 

I am so thankful for our home!
I shared on facebook that I could go on and on about things to be thankful for about this house - 
and it's true!  this is a brand new house - we are the first to ever reside in it!
now, that's a little nerve-racking (renting, the joys) ... but it's also amazing and kind of neat!
this is the largest house we've ever had, also - square footage wise!
and I have to say I can tell!  not like it's huge, but it's definitely spacious enough!
(I'm not complaining - but with six people who couldn't use a mansion?!)
it's very neutral, but doesn't just have white walls!!!
my dad noted and like this as well, the walls are more of a creamy color and the trim &
doors are white ... especially nice since they don't want us to paint!
(we won't talk about the fact that everything is under warranty - a bit annoying)
I think the biggest thing I am thankful for, though, is that we were able to get right into this house!
praise the Lord for how that all worked out and took a huge stress off our shoulders!
I love our home.
I am starting to feel very settled in here.
I like the area too - lots of shopping and fun stuff!!

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