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October 2013 ...

first of all, these are in very random order! I don't know why, but I can't figure out how to get pics up to blogger in the order I want them ... and fixing them after the fact is, frankly, a huge pain in the butt! so in crazy order they shall remain! moving right along ... 

I thought I'd share some of the October highlights ... instagram style!!!  cause these are all pics I've shared there!!!

since we carved pumpkins (for the first time) I decided that I could also, finally, give it a try at roasting pumpkin seeds!  the verdict was that they were not salty enough AND they were a bit too chewy.  well, I tried! I guess I need to figure out how to get them crispy and perfectly seasoned - lol!

I shared this little spot in my kitchen, because lately it makes me smile!  I have a morning cup of coffee almost every day now, when I get home from school drop off ... it's my sit down & relax at the computer time!  ... pardon me while I sip ... yum ... I'm back!

I may not be a great housekeeper ... ok, let's face it, I'm not a great housekeeper!  it's partially because I have four little tornadoes lovely blessings running through the house - they have a tendency to make messes and leave them behind.  it's partially because if something doesn't have it's own place, it just gets dumped here & there - and so far I've only had one home that I felt was truly, completely organized to that point.  sigh.  it's also partially because I'm just not great at time management ... I may get sucked into computer "work" (which may or may not be actually things needing done) a little too often these days!  anyway, when I do make the effort and get motivated and get some organizing done, it makes me smile, too!  which is why I was very happy & excited about this the other day:

play-dough is really popular in our house these days ... the boys ask me every day, at various times, if they can play with play dough!  I love this.  not asking for tv or video games, that makes this mama smile!!!  so the other day Liam asked me to make him a pig ... again, I tried, and that's what counts!  right?!

this was taken today!  pumpkin pie spice creamer, it's delicious - and it's limited edition so one must enjoy it while it's available!  I may have bought two bottles of it, for that very reason.  again, yum!
I'd also like to mention that my owl mug is very special, from a Christmas mug exchange last year at MOPS!  we wrote our names on the bottom and the idea was that every time we use our mug, we pray for the person we got it from!  well, the name on my mug washed off but I still think of her (her name is Sarah) every time I use it - which is nearly every day!  I love some with some special sentiment/memory behind it!  plus, I love owls - so it was the perfect mug for me!!!

perfect, it's thursday - "throw back thursday"!!!  this was my "tbt" last week - little kindergartner Jericho!!

I've probably never mentioned Zoey's love for vacuuming!  she loves it so much I bought a little vacuum just for her (my friend had one and one day while watching my kids Zoey got to use it and loved it) ... we pull it out fairly often for our little helper girl!  finally, I got a kid who likes to clean!!!  she's pretty good at picking up her toys too and even picks up the other kids' left behind laundry AND takes it to the hamper or laundry room!  she's amazing!!!

remember how I just said she's amazing?  I bought a refrigerator lock last week, because she discovered she can open the fridge!  it wasn't even 24 hours before she attempted and succeeded at opening the little "lock" latch.  she called it a "buckle" ... oh yes, clever girl!!

Zoey has discovered cookies!
cookie monster!!!

more organization I've done - I love command brand stuff!  I should be their poster child or something?!!!

Zoey did some chalk drawing!
so cute and so fun and that was the day I realized that when put on
time out ... she actually stays there!
that's a first, my other kids never would stay put!!!

Liam wasn't feeling good one day!
he was super hot, but we couldn't find the thermometer to take his temp - I know he
had a fever, though!  he drank plenty, just didn't want to eat!  he just lounged and watched movies
and slept off and on all day!  the next day he woke up good as new!

Zoey is so funny - she can say bath (it sounds more like "baff" - adorable) and often asks for one!  or says something like "I nee uh baff" (translation: I need a bath) ... seriously, could she be any cuter?!  so, I needed to document bath time and this was a fun way to do so!

I have been trying to be good about making my kids breakfast!
that sounds really awful, like I don't feed my kids, but - truth be told - breakfast
had become a meal that I usually left them on their own!
gasp!  what!
I said it ... aside from Zoey, of course, who for the longest time refused to
eat breakfast and would only drink her milk!  so generally breakfast was cereal or
whatever random thing the kids came up with ... with me "cooking"
just a couple times a week for that meal!  
...anyway, I wanted to change that!
of course, we still have cereal some days (and honestly, I still usually let Annicka get her
own breakfast - she's a very picky eater and wastes tons of food, I might add - it's 
annoying to me!) but I pour it and serve it!
my goal is, for the boys, that breakfast is ready and waiting for them when they get
up!  and so far I'm doing pretty good!
all that to say, I made an extra fun breakfast one morning ...
I love making food in fun and/or seasonal shapes!!

we decided to walk to a park one day!  it's a great park and the kids had tons of fun!
also, I'm "teaching" Zoey how to sweep up crumbs!
... and that day I was happy to have gotten some stuff done around the house -
including getting this art display wire up!

and, of course, Liam started school ...
well, he had already started kindergarten at home - but
we made the decision to enroll him in a local charter school!

another goal of mine is to have snacks for the boys when they get home!
some days it works out, others I have to prepare it after we get back ...
and some days I like to make something extra special!!!
Annicka and I had a lot of fun decorating these cupcakes and surprising the boys!!!

we decided to go check out a mall!
it's been so long since we lived anywhere near a decent mall ...
this one was a good one, according to what I like!
and it had lots of fun extras for the kids too!!!

Zoey has definitely been going through one of her "picky eater" phases, sigh.
the kid is seriously gonna turn into a chip!
cheetos, potato chips ... she's not as much of a fan of the little gerber toddler puffy
"chippies" (as we called them), she's moved on to "real" chips!
she also loves crackers and will ask for them along with the sign for "cracker"!
I consider it a very good day when she'll eat even one good meal - 
good meaning: a decent amount of food that isn't chips or crackers!
she also loves chicken fries and fruit ... 
chicken fries may not be the best, but it's the only "meat" she'll
eat fairly regularly!  again, sigh.
anyway, isn't it funny how she went from grumpy pants (she went through a
"I don't want pics taken" phase too) to laughing and happy when I made a game out of it?!
(also note: we put the high chair tray away!  Zoey sits at the table now - big girl)

auntie Layla sent Zoey some super cute dresses - here she is modeling one of them!

Nana & Grandaddy had been with us a few weeks, helping us move!
we said good-bye to them as October began!

Jericho and I were grocery buddies!
of course, we had to grab some lunch at Sonic first!
I love that we live near Sonic again!

I did a bit of decorating around the house ...

these make me a little sad, same as still seeing all of Liam's homeschool materials every day -
still here!  but, I know it was a good decision and knowing that makes my sadness fade!
I had to get creative one day, when he didn't want to cooperate ...
and I loved his family portrait!
it's daddy, mama, Annicka, Zoey, Liam, and Jericho "with a big head" - lol!!!

something else I've wanted to do, but just never have:  home-made applesauce!!
I bought a book that had a crock pot recipe, so easy - and sooo yummy!!!
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