Wednesday, November 13, 2013

thankful, day 13 ...

I am thankful for this sight (above)!
it means a sidewalk by our house is getting fixed! 
apparently some sort of spring sprung ...
we noticed when we moved in that the grassy area to the side of our house was like a marsh,
and if you walked through it - it was squish, squish, squish - lol! (plus it's a little hill that we're at the
bottom of!)  so we've been here two months now - wow - and that sidewalk, especially,
has been slippery with slime the entire time!  my hubby has even gone out there and tried to sort
of scrape it all of!  it's really dangerous, I slipped in it - not thinking and walking right 
through it when we first got here ... I didn't fall down, but I sure could have!
anyway, it looks like they are creating some drainage so instead of going to the sidewalk ...
and then trialing down the sidewalk cracks (you can see that there's water all the
way down, to some extents, on the edges of the sidewalk) it should go out to the street and
then continue draining downhill there - which is also already does!
so, looks like there won't actually be an end to the constant water ... but at least it
will be much better, and for that - I am thankful!!

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