Wednesday, November 6, 2013

thankful, day 6 ...

I am thankful for Bible study!
I was so tempted to skip it this morning, I was tired - Zoey was up in the night!
(note: when she does this it only serves to remind me one of the reasons I am "over" babies - lol)
anyway, I have known about this bible study (which is so close, btw) since before
we got here ... the first time I was actually going to go (after all the hustle and bustle of moving)
they cancelled it, last week I was going to go - then remembered that I had to stay home
for the workers coming to adjust the garage sensors, then came today.

I had decided that this was going to be the week I went.
then my beautiful 3 year old cried in the night, slept a bit in our bed, then woke
 up and punched her daddy in the face - effectively waking me up 
and so then I had to supervise her, since she was now awake! 
 we let her watch a bit of "Caillou" in our bed (still her favorite, however
"Baby Signing Time" is a close second and she can now say and sign for it as well) 
and then I decided to try to get her back to bed.

I'm not gonna lie ...
I put her tv on - "Baby Signing Time" - so she wouldn't freak out!
what can I say?
I like to sleep and it literally makes me feel sick when she does this and I'm up all hours!

ok. ok.
to the point.
I was tired ... but after all, I decided that I needed to push through - not be lazy - and get
my butt to Bible study! I am so glad I did!  I met some super nice ladies and really
enjoyed my time there!  and it's, like, the full package style - breakfast, worship
time, devotion, and then into your study group (you get to pick from several)!

so, not only am I thankful to have such a great Bible study practically in my backyard ...
but I'm also so thankful for the prompting (of the holy spirit type) this morning to get to it!

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