Thursday, November 7, 2013

thankful, day 7 ...

I am thankful for my parents.
I had a thought today and I must say it really lightened my heart!
my children have this habit of expressing their emotions - go figure!!!
often times in their anger, they say unkind things.
but today as I was writing my thankful post for instagram/facebook I had
a bit of an "aha moment" ... I remembered that when I was a kid
I sometimes was very displeased with my parents.
big revelation.
no, but seriously ... of course, I never dared to utter the words -
the way my children do (we're working on that).
but there were definitely times where my thoughts were, let's say,
far less than "pure".  heck, even adults have those times!
ok, the point.
the point of all that I'm explaining, is that now -as an adult- I am
able to look back and sincerely feel that my parents
did their best and gave me a great life!

I am so thankful for my parents!
I am thankful that they took me to church and taught me about the Lord.
I am thankful for all the meals we shared - together!
I am thankful that we laugh so much when we are together.
I love shopping with my dad ... we like to browse and always get ourselves
into trouble for taking so long.
I love that we spoil each other with coffee runs - because
we share a love for coffee drinks.
I have such a treasure trove full of wonderful, happy memories ...
and for that I will forever be thankful!!!

 I love you Mom & Dad
aka: Nana & Grandaddy

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