Saturday, November 9, 2013

thankful, day 9 ...

I am thankful for good 'ol home cookin!
even when it doesn't taste quite as good as it smells, as was the case of this soup - I definitely
have some seasoning learning to do, cause I'm always afraid I'm over seasoning ...
and end up realizing it's not nearly as tasteful as it could be!

right now I'm in one of my "good phases" - as far as eating at home.
the blog missed my weight loss journey ... I did medifast and God gave me this
amazing strength to really stick to it.  at one point I had lost 66 pounds.
sixty-six pounds.
sadly, I've gained most of it back.  apparently I just didn't change my mind set
enough and ended up falling back into old (bad) habits!  but that's another post - sigh.

anyhoooooo, in the past there have definitely been "phases" where we ate
out a lot!!!  since our move, I have been doing so much better and we've been staying in
for dinner - and I've been cooking!  some nights it's more like assembling or
even - gasp!- heating up ... but I decided the point was to not be eating fast food night after night!
(yes, when I said a lot - I meant a lot)

it was a good philosophy ... because it's lead to more and more "from scratch" meals!
like that chicken noodle soup up there - home made!!! (and there is tons - I'm going to freeze some)

I love cooking for my family.
I've had to accept that they are not necessarily going to be as excited about it as me,
and they may not be overly enthusiastic ... but I know they appreciate it, my oldest is very good
about thanking me for meals - it's sweet!

so, I'm thankful for both the desire and the motivation to make the effort to eat in!!!

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