Friday, November 8, 2013

flashback friday: halloween part 2

so, I had a fun idea: let's start some "flashback friday" here on the blog! 
how the thought really came about was as I was pondering the fact that I have missed so
much this year!  I mean, we were well into 2013 when I finally finished getting
2012 to the blog ... and then I just had to live life, and take a blogging break!

and, yes, I realize that every little thing does not need to be here ...
 but I also was realizing that there were a few things that really should be!
the kids and I had some fun times and fun little trips and I
want those memories here (remember, I gave up on actual scrapbooking -
so if it's not on the blog, it may be lost completely until my kids scour through
all my photos and might have vague memories of what they're looking at - lol)!!!!!

anyway, my first flashback friday post isn't flashing back very far - ha ha ha!
just to last friday - our "halloween round two" day!!

I think when Jericho did this, in kindergarten, parents weren't invited - as it was really
just something they did class to class ... or maybe we were and I was feeling lazy that day?
either way, this is my first time to witness and "document" the ever popular kindergarten
costume parade!  I thought it was super cute and my little minion was adorable!

I decided to make an easy dinner that night, as we'd be heading out as soon as we were done!
pizza it was!  and, I finally tried something I have pinned to pinterest: an angry bird pizza!
I did this especially for my little angry bird lover, Liam - and he thought it was pretty cool!!!

my little vampire!

with the help of some photo editing!  LOL!!!

my little ninja
my little minion
my little minnie mouse

 we had a really fun time going trick-or-treating and our first "trunk-or-treat"!
I didn't really take any pics, though, cause I forgot to make sure my phone was charged - oops!!!
when we got home I hooked up the phone and managed some pics of all
the candy loot the kids collected!  I'm so glad to have these fun family times - I hope
I always remember just how adorable Zoey was and how excited Liam was ...
and how I had to carry Zoey's bucket cause she kept throwing it - lol!

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