Friday, November 8, 2013

thankful, day 8 ...

I am thankful for "buying used"!
I must mention, that it's been a while ... I've been doing plenty of shopping, but mostly
at stores like walmart & target (target is my all time fave!!).
but ... I LOVE thrift shopping.
and I love yard sales, garage sales, rummage sales, second hand shops,
thrift stores, estate sales, flea markets, swap meets ... I love it all!
I love the thrill of not knowing what you might find!
I love the ability to get a super great deal (or not, as it sometimes goes)!
so, yesterday there was a "community yard sale" and I decided
that the girls and I should go! (the boys were at school)

we were slightly disappointed at the size, I think we were anticipating
a big bustling room of sales ... it was actually less than ten people that were there selling!
no matter - I found some things that I needed ... and some things just for fun!
 Annicka got a necklace - that was her "payment" for helping me with Zoey this week (I try to
be sure to give her some form of payment, she's not always happy to help - but usually
will and I want her to know that that is above her regular "duties" as part of the family!);
 I found a double set of dishes (8 of each piece) and though it's a different pattern than what we have -
it's corelle, so they're all still the same size and will fit in the cupboard nicely - score!!;
I found some movies - I've definitely gotten movies at better prices (they were $5 each or 3 for $10)
and I almost passed them up, but when I saw three movies that I actually like - I decided to go for it!;
a shoe carousel - I've been looking for shoe storage!  and, though this isn't ideally what I'd
like, it will definitely work - especially at that price!  it's a nice, sturdy one, too!;
a cute little owl pouch from thirty-one ... it's insulated so I need to look up what that means
it's true purpose is, but I love owls and loved the colors and really loved the price, so it's mine!!!;
and two identical frames!  most of my walls are still bare and I was needed some multi-photo frames ... I really liked these, they just need to be dusted - but they're brand new!  yes!!!

all in all I was happy!
they may not have been the best deals I've ever gotten, but when I consider
 that buying these same items new would have been at least $130 - and I got it all for $40 -
 it makes me so thankful for "buying used"!!! 

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