Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

 I've been gathering up the art projects as they come home from school!
they make excellent "decorations"!!
from left to right: Zoey's chicken, Liam's painted turkey, Liam's colored turkey, Zoey's hand print turkey,
 Zoey's corn wreath, Zoey's circle turkey, Liam's colored turkey, & Zoey's finger painting!

 yesterday we got started with cheese balls (pics & recipe coming) and pumpkin pie!
here's Liam and I - he was my helper for the pumpkin pies!!!

can you believe I didn't take a single pic of the Thanksgiving food?
well, I didn't!
instead, I enjoyed it ... and I enjoyed all of us sitting around the table eating together!
we had ham, mash tators & gravy, dressing, green bean casserole, corn casserole, sweet potatoes,
rolls, & pumpkin pie!!  we also had cheese balls for snack while watching the parade!!
I was so surprised how into the parade Zoey would get!
we haven't even watched the last half hour ... because I know there's stuff Liam will really like - 
and he was too absorbed in a game to want to watch the parade (I called him in for the
teenage mutant ninja turtles ... but coming up are minions, which he'll LOVE!)
but of the two and a half hours we watched, I'd say Zoey actually watched about 45 minutes
of it!  it was adorable!  she danced and sat there mesmerized!
she also played candy thrower, since Annicka & Jericho couldn't get the concept
of a parade without candy - lol!  (but Jericho ended up being very into it, too)
so, that was thanksgiving ... we had fun, we were lazy, we ate!
hope yours was great, too!!!

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