Sunday, November 3, 2013

thankful, day 3 ...

 (I love seeing her reflection in the little mirror in our van - we had a special day and I just
couldn't resist attempting a pic, though they never turn out too great - I want to remember her
sweet little face in that mirror!  before leaving, she had to give "bubby" -as she has named him-
hugs!  a quick little rest and then she had my keys and was ready to go!)

I could probably write for days about my thankfulness for this little girl!
truly, she has changed my world.
she is beautiful.
she is amazing.
she is the light of my life.
she is the perfect caboose to our train!
I love this little girl with a passion I never felt before!

 "sissy" used her money to purchase a helium tank and there has been much balloon fun these
last few days!  Zoey is really loving balloons and I, of course, think it's just adorable!

Zoey is growing!  this summer I was marveling that she finally was into 2T clothing,
would you believe that she has nearly skipped right over that and is now fitting into 3T clothes!
I can't believe it!  it's mostly just tops, many need to be 3T for length ... but I've even
bought her some 3T leggings and they are working!  stop growing, my baby!

 (a little photo op at costco - she cracks me up with her "cheese" ... head crook, super big
cheesy smile ... ha ha - what a silly little girl!  at least she's into pics again, most of the time)

Zoey is talking so much.
I can't even keep track of all the words she is saying!
she finally hit that stage, where they repeat anything you tell them ... and her sentences
grow constantly ... from two words to now even four sometimes!  it makes
me so happy to hear her and to feel confident that she will be able to verbally communicate
with/to us.  she blows us away sometimes with what she says and does,
things that just make me realize how much she's paying attention to everything around her!

she is my little sweetie ... with spunk!!!

one of her favorite words, these days!
I love her personality.
it's weird, I even love it when she "fights" with a sibling ...
yanking on some beloved toy (hers or not), insisting she have it - 
sometimes even demanding "mine"!!
again, it just shows me that she is no push over - she is strong!
I can't believe that this is the same delicate little
baby I once had ... but she is, growing up!

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