Tuesday, November 12, 2013

thankful, day 12 ...

 I am thankful for zumba!
my blog really missed my zumba crazy days ... obsession ... love of zumba!!!
I went to my first class in April and by June I wouldn't miss my three classes for much!
 (by this time I only went to the three taught by my favorite teacher, Francisco - his was the first class I attended and honestly, had it been one of the other teachers, I may not have been so quick to go back! ... but I did and I did go to several classes with any one of them instructing!)

from June on I was very dedicated to Zumba!
by the time we left I was going to two gyms and attending a class six nights a week - and sometimes
I'd even catch one on base before going to the gym!  Zumba can be seriously fun!

today, I struggle to make it through the class here on base ... how sad!
but, I'm going and trying to get back to it being a regular thing (it was cancelled for a month
and if three people aren't there, there's no class - sucks!  soooo not what I was used to)

my goal was to become an instructor ... that's laughable these days!
with my weight dangerously close to what it was a year and a half ago (yah, let's not talk
about that - I feel very loser-ish) and my body being so out of shape - and in so 
much pain - I feel ridiculously even thinking I could still make it as an instructor! 
... but I know two months ago I had confidence, so I also know that could return!
it's gonna take some hard work ...
I'm trying to prepare myself for that!!!

still, I am thankful for zumba ...
thankful that my view of "exercise" and "fitness" opened up hugely the 
day I stepped through those doors and took my first class!!!!

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