Monday, March 21, 2011

t-ball ...

that's my son, refusing to do jumping jacks
(he actually had to go sit down until he'd participate,
the coach did get him to do those jumping jacks and
run his lap too)

that's my son, playing in the dirt

yah, dirt

look at that big bird in the sky
(and I wonder where my kids get the
"easily" distracted gene)

good throw son

it is so adorable to me when the coach
helps the kids ... I love pics of this!

and, yah, they have a hard time remembering he's a leftie -
but it makes for better pics, and really he can hit either way!

that's my son - dancing on the field!

playing around, not paying attention

another good throw

run, bubba, RUN!

keep going, you're almost home!


yes, we're finally putting our feet in the waters of the sports world! I think it's great, too. they are so darn cute!

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