Wednesday, March 2, 2011

quotes of the week ...

I told Liam I would give him "a little bit of tea" and his reply was, "I want a big bit"!

I introduced the kids (well, the three oldest) to pop rocks! I liked Liam's description: "it tickles"! they all liked them - we had fun eating our popping candy!

btw - you may notice that most of these quotes/stories revolve around Liam. I hope everyone understands that there's a very good reason for this: I'm with him every day, all day long. Much like so many of the photos are of Zoey, because - again - I'm with her every day all day long and she's still too little to run away from the camera! I truly, with all of my heart, wish that I could spend every day, all day long, with all of my children. right now, that just isn't possible. and no, I don't have some exponential amount of patience, quite the contrary (I've really been trying to always stop and pray when I feel overwhelmed lately) ... neither am I saying that my children aren't, let's just say "challenging". often. a handful. often. super duper crazy and even sometimes hyper, refuse to listen or obey - whichever fits - and in fact tell me flat out "NO". often. it's not because it would be "easy" that I wish I could have that at home, at least most of the time all day long. it's because I love them and miss them. it's because I feel like God is preparing me to deal with a great challenge, and right now - I feel like that challenge is reaching my children's hearts. it's because I want more time with them, even selfishly, to get to know them each deeper and to enjoy their presence. it's because, I just am feeling very drawn to my children and very led to spend much more time with them. I hope I can. whatever the future holds, I pray I will spend my time more wisely with my family.

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