Sunday, March 6, 2011

nap time ...

Zoey did something almost amazing on friday! I decided to just put her in her crib - it was clear she was tired - and see what she'd do. I've done this before with varied results, most of which ended with me getting a very upset baby out of her crib (I was not this way with my first three, especially at this age, but I've never been able to let Zoey cry!) There was one time, not too long ago (shortly after that day she fell asleep in her "playroom") that I did this and let her fuss ... and fuss she did. It was a cycle of play, whine, fuss, repeat for a good hour before she finally went to sleep - and that was hard on me. Friday was different though. I didn't even take the monitor downstairs with me. I knew if she really cried, I'd hear her. I never heard a peep. After a while (admittedly, quite a while - like over an hour) I went upstairs to take a peek at the monitor, this is what I saw:tell me those little crossed feet aren't the cutest! CUTE! she has some odd sleep positions, on the tummy with arms straight down just doesn't look too comfy, in my opinion. but, hey, she went to sleep on her own, in her crib. that makes me happy. now if only we could make this a regular occurrence! I guess I really need to get this house back on a routine. maybe. possibly!

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