Saturday, March 12, 2011

oh brother!

disclaimer: I promise, I do not torture my children by pulling out the camera every time they cry!

this was two saturdays ago. I was changing Liam's diaper and Zoey was crawling around. I may have never mentioned this, but our little princess has a real fascination with hair. fascination with hair may not be the right wording, fascination with pulling hair is more like it! she crawled right over and began yanking away. me, being a bit pre-occupied with a wipey, helpless to stop her. this, my friends, is why my sweet boy is crying his little eyes out. he really did not appreciate having his beautiful blond locks pulled!

so, why am I sharing this pic? to show you, once more, how heart breaking his little face is when he's so upset? of course not! it's Zoey's face, along with his, that absolutely cracks me up about the photo. look close ...that's right! Liam is so sad and Zoey is rolling her eyes! crack. me. up. it may have been just the timing, maybe she was blinking or something - that happens a lot. but when I was going through my pics and saw this, I really did chuckle out loud. hilarious!

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