Wednesday, March 16, 2011

quotes of the week ...

so, I just asked Liam if he was poopy, his response: "I was having my quiet time".
translation: leave me alone mom, I'm playing and I don't wanna talk about how I've -once again- pooped my pull-up! I did think it was cute when we got home and he said straight away that he wanted to have "my quiet time", but maybe that's code for "I gotta go"! lol!! we've been telling him that as soon as the pull-ups are gone, we're not buying any more; and that he'll have to wear big boy underpants! I can't wait (sarcastic much) to see how that goes! in other news of today, we played memory earlier and he was doing real well until he got bored with it - maybe next time we won't put ALL the cards out!

this one needs a bit of a pre-story. last night, Annicka found some strawberry nestle syrup. I have no idea where it was found and if it was new and I had just forgotten I bought it (and put it in the "pantry") or what, never the less - she gave Liam some "pink milk". ... so, this morning when daddy was getting Liam his morning cup of milk, Liam says "I want different milk". hmm, daddy was stumped (he wasn't feeling good yesterday, so went to bed when he got home from work) and questioned this request. Liam told him "yah, I want rabbit milk". LOL. get it, the nestle rabbit is on the bottle of syrup! we thought that was pretty cute!

so, Liam just came and said he was hungry and I asked him if he wanted a cereal bar, he said "yah, but that can make crumbs". LOL. guess my point is being taken by one of the kids!

Liam had his first eye doctor appointment and he was pretty impressive! the doctor even looked at me at one point with this look of shock & surprise - she was very impressed with his verbal skills and that he knew the shapes she was showing him! He was beyond cute saying "it's a circle ... it's a baby square ... it's a tiny circle" etc. He is just too cute!

I thought Liam was telling me something about silly putty, but a quick glance at him - legs drippy with pee - and I realized he was telling me "I just need to sit on the potty". a little late, but it might be a step in the right direction. it's day two of big boy underpants and he's yet to show any true enthusiasm over the whole potty thing! we shall see how it all continues!

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