Wednesday, March 23, 2011

some results are in ...

first off, I want to record that Zoey woke up very hungry this morning - at six am! she happily grabbed her bottle from daddy and eagerly sucked it down (this is the eleCare, her new formula) ... she ended up drinking 5.5 oz (OH, I stand corrected, it was only 2.5oz, I thought daddy had given her the other half :c - completely on her own (no coaxing, etc.). I'm hoping we've rounded a corner!

now, for some results from the doc - he just called:
*her allergy tests came back regular - no dairy or soy allergy ("officially" - but he said it's still reasonable to guess that she may have an issue with dairy and it still could have played a part in "all this"!) so, he feels continuing with the eleCare is a good thing to do, also because it has more calories!
*he now suspects that it is indeed mostly a reflux problem, so we need to get the prevacid (we're working on it with insurance and where to get it) and give it some time to see if she stops the vomiting, etc. (which, honestly, still confuses me - she had been fine for a LONG time without any reflux medication? it didn't even occur to me that that was the problem, I just assumed she was sick?)
*he wants her to do occupational therapy, in case there's any oral aversion occurring - and to help her with the eating of solids
*her CBC was good, except for one part - her white blood cell count was low, which could just be from being sick all this time
*we will go back in about two weeks for another weight check (she was still 17lbs 10oz yesterday) and a follow up CBC, so another blood draw for her

so, that's this mornings news!

*edited to add, she at about 1/2 of her peas and about 2.5oz for brunch, then finished the other 3.5oz a couple hours later! and has taken 4oz of her late afternoon bottle! I just gave her her half a tablet (it's the generic prevacid) and my finger is throbbing - I have to melt it in her mouth, so she bit me over and over for about a minute - I may be wimpy, but OUCH!

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