Saturday, March 19, 2011

another sunday ...

I'm not sure what the deal is with sundays lately. I'm also not sure what the deal is with sickness, but our house has been hit. hard. This week was the four week mark of Annicka and Jericho's coughing, and the two week mark for Liam and Zoey. Gary and I escaped the "cough", but we weren't as fortunate to escape the "tummy bug" that each of us within a two week span. Last weekend it returned, with a vengeance! Two weekends prior, Jericho and Zoey had it. During the week prior, Liam and daddy had it. Saturday rolled around and Annicka got it, having to miss Awana olympics (I was seriously bummed, like I wanted to cry - we were so excited for it). Then came sunday. OH SUNDAY!

On Saturday Zoey had thrown up several times, but it seemed to always follow a coughing spell. So, I just figured the poor baby was coughing so hard that it was triggering it. Sunday morning rolled around and I was hoping for a good day at home, but by 11am it was clear that was not the day we were going to have. Zoey had had two bottles (I don't think she even finished them) and had vomited several times. We even tried some baby food, since saturday that had stayed down fine, nope - one bite and she threw up. One sip and she threw up. something wasn't right. she just couldn't keep anything down.

I called the clinic and went ahead and got a referral for urgent care - my motto is better safe than sorry, especially with Zoey. as I packed her up and put her in the car I had this overwhelming feeling that me taking her on my own wasn't the best choice. she was literally vomiting over and over and now there wasn't much left so she would gag and I was afraid she'd choke. so, we packed up the troops and hit the road.

the staff at the urgent care clinic were nice enough - even though they asked me why I hadn't gone to the ER (which made me feel awful, I was just following what I thought I had to do). they gave Zoey a zofran shot to stop the nausea. then they sent us on our way to the ER, saying she was a little dehydrated and would need fluids. she still "vomited" three or four times after the shot, but it was much less frequent.

at the ER they decided that and IV was not what they wanted to jump into, if she'd take fluids by mouth - that would work. they gave her unflavored pedialyte and you'd think it was a steak dinner. I had to keep stopping her (ya know, the whole "small sips every 15 minutes" thing) - she wanted to just suck it down. it was funny too, because I had tried pedialyte the first weekend she had been vomiting and she would have nothing to do with it - it was flavored, go figure!

we were at the ER for nearly three hours. I suspect they just wanted to keep an eye on her and see if she perked up, etc. After two bottles (they're 2 ounces) of pedialyte she did perk up a bit. they gave her one more for the road and released her. we stopped at walgreens for her "zofran" (generic) prescription and to pick up some unflavored pedialyte, then headed home.

Zoey continued to improve and she didn't cough at all! wow.

-at urgent care-

she laid there like this for a while, it was so sad.
it was hard for me to see her like this,
she just seemed so frail and not the baby I'm used to.

-at the ER-

more awake now and perking up a little

sweet baby girl

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