Sunday, March 27, 2011

have no fear ...

I know, I KNOW. it's been a few days. whoever may be a regular reader has probably noticed the lack of posts. we had a super busy week - appts. just about every single day - it was a little crazy. in fact, friday Zoey had an appt. in San Luis Obispo ... I drove home from that (picking up drinks from starbucks and pizza on my way) in time to pick up the kids from school and immediately head to Santa Barbara to pick up some more cans of formula from the gastroenterologist! After discovering Zoey's new formula is minimum of $60 a can I decided the drive was worth four more cans to get by with while we figure out if we can get it from WIC (insurance denied it).

but, have no fear - I've already begun editing pics and setting up posts, so hopefully we'll be back on track. the computer was being very slow and fickle last night, though, so hopefully it stops acting up or it may take me all day to set up a week's worth of posts! oh yah, I guess I should mention that's usually what I do now! one day a week I set up posts and schedule them so there's a post each day (I didn't know you could do that until a few months ago). there's also the random ones that I do spontaneously, so it's not all scheduled, but mostly!

I have some cool pics too - I'll give you a hint: a certain little someone finally got his glasses! ok, I guess that's less "clue" and more "tease" - lol! I slept in big time today, I have "the crud" that the kids have had ... and I'm afraid Zoey may have a runny nose, which could delay wednesday's "surgery" - ugh. ok - that's about all - just thought I'd let ya know what was up ... plus, now I can say there was a post today - yahoo!!!

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