Saturday, March 5, 2011

remembering last saturday ...

just thought I'd finish up with some more pics from our Silly Band Saturday. I never want to forget that day. Our house is full of silly bands now, literally - they're everywhere. I couldn't be more happy to pick each one up, I think forever more when I see a silly band bracelet - I'll think of two little boys, up in heaven, celebrating forever with Jesus!

we were so happy to be able to get a chapel here on base,
since the weather was predicted to be quite yucky!

ha ha - she really was happy!

this little stinker got tired of sitting in the group for pics ...
I kid you not, all the kids were AMAZING.
at one point we were just sitting there, waiting for our
last guests who had arrived and were getting situated, and
those kids were awesome. only mine got up,
and he wouldn't sit back down.
I decided to let it go.
our buddy took the group shots for us, so
glad my friend brought him along (her hubby)!
so, while Liam was being stubborn,
between group shots, he caught these:

be still my heart. I could stare at pics of my
babies forever. i just love these!

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