Wednesday, March 16, 2011

potty progress ...

BIG NEWS! Liam came to me this morning -still in his night time diaper mind you- and told me he needed to pee in the potty! I was so excited! He is so cute too the way he sits on his little Cars potty chair and holds his little you know what so he won't have the unfortunate occurrence of peeing all over the floor (which has happened, and he was quite upset) instead of into the little removable "bowl" of the potty seat! I am so happy that I just so randomly decided last thursday to put training pants on him (which, we're calling big boy underpants - you know the kind, they're a little thicker than the "normal" ones) ... the first few days provided lots of wet messes to clean up, but now -six days in, day seven- we've made much progress!

*also to note, not that it's particularly healthy, but on sunday we were out for several hours taking Zoey to urgent care and then the E.R. ... and Liam stayed dry the entire time! We had a pull up on him, at this point he wears those for car trips and still his night time diaper at night and sleeping times! Daddy asked him several times if he needed to use the potty, but he always said no - maybe he wasn't too sure about the public restrooms? either way, we were able to make a big deal out of him staying dry!

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