Thursday, March 3, 2011

pretty baby ...

well, it's been about two weeks now that we've been battling this virus. from cold symptoms (me, now) to a horrible sounding cough (the big kid's coughs are finally going away, Liam's got it now, and Zoey is still trying to get over it) ... oh, and let's not forget to mention both Jericho (saturday) and Zoey (sunday) battling a little tummy bug. i think the worst is behind us and i keep praying for better weather and better health. the kids being a little out of sorts though, as I'm sure you can guess, doesn't keep the camera off for long! yesterday I had some fun snapping shots of Zoey is one of her favorite places (NOT! she wants to be free) and it was kinda fun ... no, it was super fun!

she kept trying to get me - or the camera, actually!
big fat puffy "heart" this pic!

I can actually hear her saying "oh yah" or "you wanna piece uh me"!

I actually caught it!
I almost couldn't believe it, this is one of my
favorite new "faces of Zoey" ... with all this teething
she's prone to contort her little lips in all
sorts of funny and adorable ways!

yep, trying again to get the camera

everything goes in the mouth ...

ahem. she really likes my camera!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that smile - pretty baby!

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