Tuesday, March 1, 2011

she's hot ... then she's cold ...

ok - not literally. these pics were taken last week, and let's just say cutting five teeth at once isn't fun. for her any of us! five teeth. at once. have I mentioned that before? on top of that she had had a fever the previous night and was coughing a bit and had a touch of a runny nose this morning. all in all, the day was better than her week had been! she ate pretty well. she napped well (including the falling asleep part, I only rocked her about ten minutes and she was out). she fell asleep good for daddy - again, no fighting it! I don't try to take too many pics of my kids in their unhappier of moments, but I do have some part of me that feels it's important to capture it all. or at least a glimpse of it "all"! so, here's some not so happy, ok, and almost happy pics of little miss Zoey!

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