Wednesday, March 9, 2011

quotes of the week ...

I'm sitting here with Jericho working on homework, when he starts explaining to me why twelve being a "one and a two" is "just dumb". OK? then a little while later he saw Nana's pic on the facebook chat box and goes, "aw Nana ... can you go on Nana-dot-com?". seriously laughed out loud on that! I asked him what he meant, and he said "you can go online and see Nana" - awwww!

Liam's been telling us he wants to watch "Badoo" and I kept asking him if he meant Babar, a "new" show on the new Disney Junior (um, yes, the kid is tv crazy - I should probably be working on that) ... anyway, when he said it was an elephant, my conclusion was he meant Babar. He said no and has been frustrated, well - he just asked again to watch it, so I checked the guide and saw that Babar was about to come on, and in the info it said something about "Badau" - there ya go! so, I was right ... and so was Liam!

we're having a fun saturday morning (after a couple yard sales) playing rockband (the Beatles, our fave) ... Liam loves it, even though he has no real concept of following the game! so cute, perched on the stool, playing the drums - he says: "where's the cymbals?" TOO CUTE. (is that really how you spell cymbals? looks weird) he's such a smart little guy, I don't know how he knows so much - he picks up on everything!

cutest ever! the big kids (as I call Jericho and Annicka) were up here in my room and we all could hear Liam coming up the stairs (he tends to chit chat a lot) so they decided to hide from him. He came in, came over to me (at the computer) and says "have you seen my girl, Anni and my bubba?" - love it. he is so darn cute!

so, in the past few months - especially this year - Liam has decided he's not a fan of water. and he's quick to express his lack of enthusiasm for the healthy drink by such things as throwing his sippy cup and having an all out temper fit. lately he does something that's really cute though, after you've filled his cup he'll grab it and shake it and often say "dere's wader in here?" (there's water in here). it's seriously cute the way he says it. I just can't write how cute it sounds!

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