Thursday, March 17, 2011

potty progress ...

so, one week in and Liam is taking himself to the potty! wow. I knew he could do it, what was I waiting for? I guess what I kept saying was really true, I wasn't ready. the past three days (maybe even four, sunday was so crazy - I remember he was dry the entire time we were out, which was several hours - but I don't remember if he had any wet accidents or not) have been completely "dry" - as in, no pee accidents! monday and tuesday's poopies were caught at pull-up/diaper times - thank the Lord (he's wearing those for naps & nighttime ... and going out, but has stayed dry all week during outings too). yesterdays poopie was half out (i know you wanted to know this) when he came running to me and saying he needed to poop in the potty - I removed the dirty undies and he sat on his potty and finished - WOW!

but the REALLY big news is what he just did this morning ... not only has he taken himself to the potty all morning (and peed three times now) but he also said he needed to poop (the first time, he tried with no results ... about 15 minutes later, he said it again), went and sat on his potty, and proudly called for me that he had "pooped in da potty"! way to go my big boy!

*it was kinda funny how he watched as I cleaned out the potty chair "bowl", and he goes "oh my gosh" and said something about the poop. I was trying hard to catalog it into my memory, but I already forgot exactly what he said after "oh my gosh" and I said "what"? I think it was something like, "that's like poop" lol!

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