Monday, March 28, 2011

new glasses ...

look who got his first pair of glasses!yesterday I decided to (finally - we saw the eye doc a good two or three
weeks back) take the kids to mall to get their new glasses!
technically, Annicka didn't "have" to have hers right away, but
I figure why not just get it done now - instead of waiting
until we're that much closer to another exam and possible new prescription?
Annicka picked hers completely on her own, the past several
pairs have all looked similar - for a reason, that's what she likes!
I helped Jericho a little, but ultimately he did get to
choose (and he chose my favorite) ...
he looks absolutely-t00stinkincute-adorable, I think!

the out-takes:

Liam felt he should be included as well - look at that smile!

crack me up.

being silly!
Jericho was doing that thing where you wave your hand
up and down in front of your face, changing your expression with
each reveal - what a crack up!

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