Wednesday, March 23, 2011

quotes of the week ...

you may be surprised to find out who this quote is about - Zoey! now, it may have been a total fluke (it probably was) but it was just SO right on cue! Zoey was sitting on the floor and her bottle was sitting on top of our movie cabinet ... so, sitting there she looked up at the bottle, then looked at daddy (he was laying on the floor with her) ... he started to say "do you want your bottle" and at the same time she, loud and clear, said "bah-bah"! WOW! we both looked at each other and looked at her and we cheered and clapped, and she clapped (one of her favorite actions lately)!

wow, another one for little missy. she is playing with one of the boys "boomer man" (aka: gi joes) vehicles, well - it's a watercraft of some sort - ya know, the thing that sort of "flies" on top of water? anyway (I could probably stem off onto multiple subjects if I continue) she's moving it around and making a sort of "vroom" sound, for lack of a better description. I just thought it was cute, cause it seemed like she was playing with it just how Liam might- making the sounds and all!

so, I was laying on the couch, cuddling Zoey while she drank her bottle of pedialyte (we're going through a rough patch with her right now, but I don't have the energy to blog about it). Liam wanted to cuddle too, so I told him to come on over and he could cuddle up with my other side (lol). laying there -a "baby" on each side- cuddling up, I said "this is the life". Liam quickly replied, "yah, dis is da life"! MELT-MY-HEART! then I said "I love my babies"! I quickly corrected myself and said "my big boy" and he goes, "you only have one baby, mama: Zoey"! so cute. yes, I guess that's true. as much as I don't want to stop - I really need to quit saying "the babies" now :c

so, I got home tonight and Liam happened to see the lunchable I bought him for tomorrow's lunch. this started a mini meltdown and he was crying and didn't want to eat his real dinner. I finally "gave in" and said he could have it, but then he wouldn't have one tomorrow when bubba and sissy eat theirs (a concept he likely didn't understand at all). as he ran to the refrigerator to get it, he exclaimed "I win" ... uh - wow - should I be worried??? LOL.

something else I thought I'd mention - Liam says this a lot "achully"! that's actually. and I mean, it is ohmygoshIwannasqueezeyou adorable! like when I was opening the aforementioned lunchable and said something about how I know he likes it, and he goes "I achully love it". oh. so. sweet.

I was tucking Liam in and he started going through the list of who he loves "I love daddy, and I love bubba, and I love myself" ... it was pretty funny to hear him say that, it was cute! then it was "I love your heart, and daddy's heart, and bubba's heart, and my heart" - lol! he's so stinkin cute! he did mention all of us at one point or another!

on this morning, Liam is obsessed with books! he's carrying around two little "Cars" books and continues to say "these are your libary car books". too cute!

Liam put my sun glasses on, they proudly proclaimed "I'm stylish"!

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