Saturday, March 12, 2011

potty progress ...

I have a bit of good news: Liam was very happy to wake me up (really, I was awake) this morning, to tell me that he peed in the potty! On thursday, I spontaneously decided that he needed to start wearing "real" underpants (they're the thicker, training kind) at least when we're at home. It's been two days of many accidents, poop and pee down legs, slipping on the kitchen floor because of being all wet ... sounds like fun, huh?! I'm encouraged to see that perhaps he's starting to get it, though. In fact, yesterday I sent him to his little potty - I told him it was time and to "go sit on your potty". Just a short bit later he was calling me, saying "mama, it's going in the potty" ... I practically ran to see. Indeed, he was sitting on the potty and he had peed ... he hadn't, however, pulled his underpants down! I still gave him credit, then remind him that we pull our pants down to sit on the potty! oh the fun!

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