Sunday, March 20, 2011

our week ...

so, our week has been interesting. remember how I told you that Zoey did really well sunday night - no coughing, no vomiting, she was happy to drink pedialyte and even played a little! so, monday morning I began to introduce milk again - as I had been instructed to, by mixing it with pedialyte. we started with a 3:1 ratio and by the end of the day we were doing half and half (4oz. total). she did fine, but did cough a couple times. tuesday morning I gave her half and half again and she vomited. her diarrhea had calmed down (since the weekend) but wasn't gone. back to just pedialyte. I figured either her body wasn't ready for it ... or maybe, just maybe, she was having a dairy issue.

wednesday was her follow up with the pediatrician (from the event that occurred on the weekend) and he decided that she had lost enough weight (she was 17lbs. 10oz) and there were enough suggestions of a possible allergy, that we should stop the milk. completely. he put her back on zantac, he has suspicions that perhaps something is making her reflux flare up again. she had blood work for allergy testing done (as well as other tests) and I was sent home with lovely little viles to collect some "samples" - in order to determine what virus she has had. and, he said, to go to soy milk.

let me say it now - a certain little princess is living up to the title! where as she has never been picky about milk (formula, soy formula, milk, soy milk - she's had it all and never seemed to notice if I handed her a bottle of something that wasn't the usual) suddenly she is now. all week long she has refused anything besides pedialyte. well, and that 3oz. of milk I gave her out of desperation when she wouldn't even drink "pedialyte" (wednesday the real pedialyte ran out and I switched to the parents choice brand I had bought - she wouldn't have anything to do with it. she had barely drank a sip all day, so literally I was desperate. I had tried soy milk too. nothing. I didn't know what to do, so I gave her the milk just to see if she was refusing all liquids, or just being picky) - she sucked it down right quick. and then it all came back up. she vomited seven times within an hour ... and then once more a little later. it was sad. it was scary. it made me see that she really and truly could have absolutely no cow's milk.

I called the doc's office. I really was afraid we were heading back to what we had sunday. I mentioned the change in brands and the nurse said, go get the real stuff and see if she takes it. I did. guess what? miss priss was happy to drink her unflavored REAL pedialyte! and so she's done continuing into this weekend. yesterday we got her to take a little soy milk, I couldn't believe it. but a couple hours later she coughed a little. and later again, she threw up. she had also had some baby food (her appetite for that has been much better - go figure) that contained apples and her face actually got a little "rashy" after it, so we don't know if maybe that contributed to the issue too, but daddy thinks she may have a problem with apples? who knows!

today I picked up some soy formula and she drank some tonight. she has coughed a couple times today, but has kept all her pedialyte, baby food, and formula IN! praise God. now our big concern is she hasn't had a poop in three days. we weren't giving her her regular dose of miralax - with the diarrhea I figured it wouldn't be wise to continue with it. but we started it back up yesterday, so hopefully that little issue will resolve by tomorrow! also, taking into account, that she's not taking in what she was before (milk wise, anyway - she's actually taking in more baby food, most days anyhow).

so, that's been our week! along with me having the tummy bug at the start of the week and now having some horrible soar/scratchy throat & awful congestion/runny nose thing. UGH. the kids stayed home monday and tuesday, but the the NP said it was drastic to keep them home and I'm teaching them bad habits - grrr. so, I sent them back wednesday (really only cause I didn't want them to miss the Zoo to You assembly). and yesterday was Zoey's cardiology check up - still that small "acceptable" amount of leakage, but he said everything looks wonderful and she now goes just once a year!

I've got the kids all taking vitamins again. the boys are on an antibiotic (the doc figured the cough had lasted so much that the potential for bronchial "stuff" was enough to put them on something). Annicka is back on allergy medicine (we never stuck to it before and need to determine if that's the cause of her recurring cough). Zoey is back on zantac (three times a day and she doesn't care for it, picky pants).

and that, my friends, was our week!


the pink one is Jericho's

clearly I am not gifted in the area of gluing on wheel axles???
neither of our cars would even make it to the end of the track!

the one with stripes is Annicka's

there were some pretty awesome cars!

argh. pics of big kids = difficult.


poor little sweetie - not feeling so hot
(this was wednesday - in the midst of the milk aftermath)
*the yellow bed has made a comeback! it's been quite
handy to have her at a nice incline with the coughing and
all - her and I slept down stairs several nights
so if she awoke it wouldn't disturb daddy!

thursday - feeling much better!
(and yes, I still hadn't taken off the tape
from the prior day)

yah, we teach 'em young round these parts.
tv is our friend. LOL.

not really, but it sure is adorable when she's watching it
up close like this!!!

my brain can't possibly retain all this information!
trying to get back on track with using
my lovely fridge calendar! seems to be helping!

ready for the cardiologist!

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