Tuesday, February 1, 2011

eu4ia ...

you may have noticed that I've recently began to watermark all my photos, I'll let you know that the main reason why is that I'm saving them a different way and discovered that I had the option of watermarking them (it's not because I think my pics are so great that someone will want to steal them - lol - plus it's easier to just leave it on all of them instead of having to remember to choose it for the pics that are better). I'm sure it's been noted over the past year that there were other pics with my "photography name" on them from time to time, as well. The other night as I was going through pics, I came across this one...I have my own eye for what I like and this one struck me right away as one I wanted to put a little more effort into with the editing (usually I just play with the lighting/exposure to fix my mistakes and make sure the child/object is visible ... but for some I do a little more detail and recently I've been doing that with picnik). it spoke to me, so to say. and it reminded me how I came up with that name - eu4ia photography. I knew I wanted a name that represented my children, because really they are my photographic focus (ha ha). I do not have dreams of becoming some great photographer, it's just something that I've loved since I was a kid. something I desire to learn and better myself in - so that I'd feel confident to take pics for people - but no grand plans of having a business or anything. so the name was more to be able to identify that I took the photo. I saw a license plate one day that said something like "euphoria" but in a different way and all of a sudden I had a light bulb moment (I may have even blogged about this before, who knows) ... when I take pics of my kids and I see the ones, it's a euphoric feeling for me.

the ones that melt my heart. the ones that stop my breath, for just a second.
the ones that make me cry. the ones that make me laugh or smile.
the ones that make me stop and stare.

  • euphoria
  • audio pronunciation
  • \yoo-FOR-ee-uh\


: a feeling of well-being or elation

that's exactly how I feel. elated. I'm usually in awe of what is before me - definitely a sense of well being. I find myself frozen at the image of such a precious and sweet face child that God has given to me. I don't think it's too hard to figure out how I came up with my own spelling of the word! and now you'll know, when you see that tiny print on my photos, just why it's there.


... it is a treasure to have each of you in my life! I know you don't
always appreciate my need to nearly constantly snap photos
of you, but I pray some day you'll appreciate it!


  1. I'm with you Sash, that is a picture worth working with. She is adorable. But there is more, something I can't put words to, a beautiful spirit that is eminent.

  2. oh my gosh, your kids are so cute! how blessed are you girl? so fun! :)