Friday, February 18, 2011

another party day ...

well, sunday brought another "first" for us: first injury related trip to the E.R.! yes, I have two sons and this was our first time to go at all for either of them! I myself have been amazed, especially when I hear friends talking about their fairly frequent E.R. visits. we're still not absolutely sure what happened, Liam was crawling around on the dining room floor when he said "ow" and then started to cry as he threw something ... the hubby picked it up, it was a piece of a broken plate (don't ask me how it survived several sweepings AND managed to get there from the kitchen - unless it's a piece from outside, which I noticed didn't get completely cleaned up a few weeks back). we've concluded that Liam's cut foot was due to that piece of "glass"! I got a look at it when I was going to put a piece of wet paper towel on it (I had already brought daddy a towel, and seen his foot "squirt" some blood - lol) and knew we needed to take him in - it looked way too much like a big open wound to me! they ended up gluing it together and dressing it - it didn't slow him down a bit and we still had more than enough time to get to his party at "Pizza Planet" (that's what we told him) and have fun!

he LOVED his cake!

I love his face here and just wonder what sorts
of things were running through his little mind?

he loved it all!

gotta collect those tickets for prizes!

yah - he was lovin this!

pizza time!

I love how the boys were into the sports on the tv - too cute!
my flash batteries are on their way out, so it was being finicky -
causing some dark pics :c

time for cake - look at that happy boy!

then we did presents and he loved every single thing he got! we've been having lots of fun with all the new toys! it was a super fun party and I'm so glad I gave him his first birthday party this year, E.R. trip and all!

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