Monday, January 31, 2011

many thanks ...

on friday I decided that Zoey's presents had sat in the dining room long enough - I was waiting to dig her gift from us out of the trunk of the car, so I could take a pic of her with all her gifts ... but, I decided I'd settle for a pic of her with each gift. I'm actually glad, cause this way I can remember better what was from who (yes, real thank you cards are actually going out - late, mind you, but they are going out). I've yet to get that gift out of the trunk, so a pic of her with our gift is still missing ... but, eventually, it will make it's way on here! hopefully no one minds me sharing their names on here ... ok, here goes:

first off: thank you to "cousin" (I guess she'd be Zoey's third cousin?) Cicile & her hubby CJ
for sending the blanket I used as a background in these pics! It was her first
birthday gift to arrive in the mail and I absolutely adore it ... and I'm sure Zoey will too!

Alex (and your family) and Michele (and your family) - thank you so much
for the adorable little puppy (I know, you can't tell cause for some reason
we're looking at it's butt) and the $$ ... Annicka is so jealous that "Zoey is rich"!

Grandma arrived with these gifts - is that not the cutest little
basket you've ever seen? I'm pretty sure these gifts are from the whole
fam over in Albuquerque! I love that little toy and can't
wait to try it out!!!

from miss Courtney and her fam - lots of special stuff in this pack ...
hopefully I'll put it to good use (my track record is not so good with such items) - it's
super sweet and special!

this one is really heart warming - it arrived from Zoey's little friend, Zachary!
we've not yet met Zachary or his mama, daddy, or brother - but we've
been getting to know each other on facebook and hope to eventually meet up!
this is such a cute outfit - can't wait to try it on her!

miss Traci sure spoiled Zoey!
I had a heck of a time getting a picture, cause all she wanted to do was rip
the dang hat off - uh, uh, uh! I guess I need to start putting
stuff on her head/in her hair more often or I'm gonna be real
sad! both hats come from Traci's shop - as does the minky blanket
(mentioned in a previous post) ... click on the pic so you can
see the mobile - those monkeys are the cutest things ever
with bows and flowers on their heads!!!

I have a bad track record of deciding to pass items up, only to have them be
gone whenever I finally decide I do indeed want to buy them!
but the strangest thing has been happening lately - I either end up
finding it way cheaper somewhere else (or second hand) or the item actually
stays in the store for a long time. Take for instance this chair ... I it was last summer
that I first spotted these adorable chairs at Ross, but I could never bring
myself to purchase it. I was in love - I loved it in pink, I loved it in black,
I knew it would look adorable in Zoey's room, I wanted it - but I never bought it.
Well, my friend Michele went shopping with my mom and I one
night and guess what ended up coming home for Zoey?
Michele bought it for Zoey for her birthday!
I'm so excited now, to get Zoey's room all cute and find the perfect
spot for this chair. I adore it.

again, a spoiled little girl! Nana & Granddaddy arrived
with two dresses, a doll, a plush elephant (notice a theme), and a
cute little "birthday princess" outfit & bib (seen in previous pics, on the birthday
blog) ... then Nana added some jammies that I was in love with
while we were out shopping one day!

our friends Jill & Dino got her this - is it not the most
cute thing ever?! a toy jewelry box for babies - oh my gosh, they make
the cutest stuff these days! I adore it! and, as you can see, Zoey
was really diggin it too - in fact, it took several tries
before I finally got her to look toward me!

another super thoughtful one - Cherilee stopped by with a gift
even though she was sick and miserable the day of Zoey's party!
I thought it was so thoughtful of her!

more money!!! this came all the way from Yaya & Steve up in
Oregon! what a spoiled princess we have!!!

oops - almost forgot to get a pic of the slippers Yaya made and the cute
little elephant from Nana & Granddaddy!

in conclusion, thank you to EVERYONE for all of Zoey's wonderful, amazing gifts!
you are all a treasure to us and we love you!

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