Thursday, February 17, 2011

gifts, gifts, and more gifts ...

I didn't catch any good gift opening pics at the party (remember, the pesky flash), but I did get some on his actual birthday morning ...

he really likes the grill!
he likes his star wars characters and police helmet
from us too, though! oh - and Jericho likes
the grill just as much - lol!

on valentines day I pulled out the gift from Nana & Granddaddy -
let me just say, they ROCK! I was so happy to see they
chose a couple things to add to our collection, I love toy "collections"
much better than tons of random stuff (I know, don't say it)
and not only did it add to our blocks, but the sets
they chose were way totally cool too!

I also pulled out the bag 'o goodies sent from Yaya for
all the kids for valentines day ...
thank goodness for Yaya, cause I'm gonna admit
I totally skipped doing the valentine thang
this year - woops!

they all loved their stuff and Liam especially loved his
Mickey pez dispenser (once we convinced Jericho to trade,
cause Liam really LOVES Mickey)

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