Wednesday, February 16, 2011

does this look staged???

well, I assure you I did not hand over this candy (still unsure if it was originally Annicka's or Jericho's) - it was last week and I was on my way to the stairs when I passed by the boys' room and noticed something: a cute little -still two year old- boy sitting with legs stretched out in front of him, intently concentrating on getting a wrapper off a small candy ... all while chewing the piece he'd already had success with! by the time I ran down and back up the stairs, now with camera in hand (I should have an upstairs camera, like my upstairs vacuum - lol) he had moved and was now standing up munching on the now unwrapped goody. I'm not even gonna lie, I made him sit back down - strategically putting his legs back in front of him - in an attempt to re-create the original scene ... it didn't work too well! still, these photos will always make me remember that original sight (I hope) and I have these smiley memories of a sneaky little boy who loves to go in his sister's room and find treasure!

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