Tuesday, February 15, 2011

last week something a little amazing happened ...

well, first of all, this:
yes, that's Zoey sound asleep on the floor (above) a sight not seen much around here. (maybe when she was younger and I laid her down?) in fact, as far as my memory serves me this was Zoey's first time to fall asleep completely on her own. I had dishes that absolutely had to be done, I could hear her fussing a bit for about ten minutes (I knew she was safe, in her play area - and I peeked on her a few times too) and then she got quiet. I went to see and this is what I found! but, that's not what this post is about, oh no ...

this post is about Zoey's improvement with eating. she suddenly seems to have more interest in her baby food, I almost wondered if it could even be the change in spoons? (so, I've stuck with this one) she had several meals last week that she either completely finished or ate much more than what her usual is. she ate 1oz at one dinner, that's more than she usually consumes over the course of an entire day! initially we just thought she really like the pumpkin apple flavor, but like I say - she did awesome several times over the week! she also tried tiny bites of tofu and did quite well with it. and she had her first baby snackies - gerber puffs - and did well with those too! she had a little more trouble with cooked carrots, but at least I tried! she has a lot of interest in us eating (and has for a long time) and has enjoyed tastes of all sorts of goodies: cake, ice cream, bread, waffle, pancake, sauces, and even licks of lolli pops - yes, I just admitted that! I was so excited, I had to take pics the first several times of how much was left - I know, I'm a bit obsessive, that's just me!

here's to a wonderful continuance of improvement in this area - way to go, my little princess!

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